Deal Or No Deal


Central Bank of Ireland tweetz:

“The Central Bank has published the fourth Quarterly Bulletin of 2019, which outlines divergent paths for the Irish economy depending on the outcome of Brexit process.

“The Irish economy continues to grow strongly, supported by strong growth in employment and real incomes.

“The path ahead for the economy is linked to the outcome of ongoing Brexit negotiations. If a disorderly, no-deal Brexit can be avoided, it is projected that underlying economic activity will grow at a relatively solid pace in coming years.

“In a no-deal scenario, however, significant disruption and the negative shock to economic activity would adversely affect output and employment and the path ahead for the next few years would be very different.”


Economics correspondent at Virgin Media Paul Colgan tweetz:

“Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is in eBay’s Irish headquarters this morning. He hasn’t sold the backstop deal yet.”


Read the Central Bank of Ireland’s quarterly bulletin in full here

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3 thoughts on “Deal Or No Deal

  1. some old queen

    It wouldn’t like Broadsheet to promote conspiracy theories now but- I can’t help but wonder if the threat to Wright Bus business a STFU to the DUP?

  2. Dr.Fart

    as if anyone has a clue. the central bank don’t exactly have a record of accuracy and diligence. pack of jokers.

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