Forced To Listen


David Cullinane, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and his proposed bill (top) to amend the 2009 Broadcasting Act to allow freedom of movement particularly in relation to Denis O’Brien-owned stations

This morning.

Further to  ongoing Denis “O’Brien-related censorship shenanigans at his Communicorp stable, home of Newstalk and Today FM….

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane tweetz::

I will move a Bill in the coming weeks to make it an offence to prohibit members of the NUJ from communications media.

The banning of certain journalists from Communicorp IRL is wrong and should not be tolerated. #FreePress…

Previously: ‘I Believe In A Free Press”

If only someone big at Communicorp could stand up to him?

Only kidding.

Go amendment!

Broadcasting Act 2009 here


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8 thoughts on “Forced To Listen

    1. Mick

      YouTube is not covered under Part 6 of the Broadcasting Act, as far as I can tell. Part 6 refers to “Broadcasting Contracts and Content Provision Contracts — Commercial and Community Broadcasters”
      Secondly, I don’t think G*mm* was banned from YouTube for reasons of “occupation, employer, company, or employment status” – except maybe the company she keeps, wha?

  1. Bland

    Not a fan of [redacted] but this is a state attempt to control a privately owned media organisation.

    Who knew SF were actual fascists?

    1. Rob_G

      I think this bill is a bit of kite-flying and would be effectively unenforceable, but the state can add all sorts of conditions when granting/renewing a broadcastin licence (% of public service broadcasting, % of output as Gaeilge, etc).

  2. The Bad Ambassador

    Cullinane drawing from the well-thumbed Simon Harris Doing-something-just-to-be-seen-to-be-doing-something playbook

    It’s not that X is banned, we just don’t invite them on any of our shows. Our presenters, producers and editors are free to line up whatever guests they think appropriate if they no longer care about job security

    Complete waste ot time.

  3. Truth in the News

    He needs to re word it and possibly look at other legislation that covers the right
    to free speech and expressions of opinion

  4. Ron

    All this freedom of the Press and defend our journalistic integrity blah blah blah. These loop the loops who call themselves “journalists” wouldn’t string a sentence together with alphabet soup!

    Where was their integrity when they were destroying Maurice Mc Cabe????

    STFU and sit down clowns. Most journalists in this country are the bottom of the IQ barrel and the sooner their jobs are taken over by bots the better

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