We’re Balcony, Baby


Custom House Harbour, IFSC, Dublin 1 apartment property ad, unidentified source, 1994

Riverdance? Never catch on.’

Via Brand New Retro tweetz::

1994 advert. Custom House Harbour Dublin 1 apartments for sale. From £49k to £89k

Paul McDermott adds:

One sold for 445k in June!

Good times.

Brand New Retro

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11 thoughts on “We’re Balcony, Baby

  1. Jonickal

    And with 100% Section 23 tax breaks it meant the final net cost of the units were about 50% less than the stated prices. Good times indeed.

    1. Rob_G

      In fairness, buying a flat on Sheriff St. in ’94 was a bit of a punt; 25 years later and gentrification is just about starting to make inroads.

      1. Qwerty123

        That area will never gentrify. The one sold for 445 was most likely to an investor, that would yield 5% gross.

      2. Brother Barnabas

        are you saying people weren’t drinking champagne al fresco in full evening wear around sherriff st in the mid 1990s?

        1. Paulus

          while….”far below you, in another world, people mill around in a hum-drum existence”.

          How the creatives kept a straight face is another of life’s mysteries.

    1. kellyma

      Oh those Belmayne adds were a hoot….. lush looking ladies sprawled across a chaise longue or two….

  2. Cian

    With hindsight 1994 was the optimum time to buy.

    Interest rates had dropped to 7.5% (from 14% the previous two years) and would continue to fall for the next few years.

    House prices hadn’t reflected the drop in interest – average house price was only €71K… this more than doubled to €156K within 5 years! And doubled again (€302K) by 2005!

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