Anything Good On Channel 4?


Last night.

Channel 4 broadcast an interview with a member of the “New IRA” who said any border infrastructure, as a consequence of Brexit, would be a “legitimate target for attack”.

The man spoke to Channel 4 News on condition that his identity would be disguised and his voice would not be recorded.

So his words were spoken by an actor for the recording – drawing a significant response from viewers about his accent.


New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack’ (Channel 4)

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17 thoughts on “Anything Good On Channel 4?

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        “a land that has never known freedom,
        and only our rivers mug tree…”

  1. Pat

    Haha the Scottish accent ffs. I like C4 News but they really dropped the ball on this one. The only way to fix this is to interview a hooded UVF guy but dub him with a real buff Mayo accent!

  2. M

    Giving the British MPs (and naive MSM consumers everywhere) a good scare the day before Brexit deal is agreed..


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