Heave Oh [Updated]


Fine Gael TD Maria Bailey

Fionnan Sheahan, in the Irish Independent, reports:

A heave against swing fall compensation case TD Maria Bailey has begun within Fine Gael.

A motion of no confidence has been tabled against Ms Bailey within Fine Gael in her own constituency.

The Dun Laoghaire TD is a candidate for Fine Gael in the forthcoming general election.

…The motion in Blackrock was tabled by long-serving and respected Fine Gael councillor Marie Baker.

Ms Baker previously worked for Ms Bailey as an assistant in the TD’s office. But she left the post 18 months ago.

Fine Gael heave against ‘swing-gate’ TD Maria Bailey begins as no confidence vote tabled in constituency (Fionnan Sheahan, Irish Independent)

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Maria Bailey (left) with Simon Coveney (right) and fellow Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell in The Dean Hotel, Dublin – scene of Ms Bailey’s insurance matter – on May 25, 2017

This morning .

On Today with Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One.

The host asked Tánaiste Simon Coveney about the Irish Independent report…

Seán O’Rourke: “One other quick question about domestic politics, Tánaiste. Front page story by Fionnan Sheahan in today’s Irish Independent reporting that a motion of no confidence has been tabled for the Fine Gael TD for Dun Laoghaire. She was somebody who supported your candidature in the leadership election. It’s widely believed that you intervened to dissuade the Taoiseach from removing the party whip from her a few months ago. What is your view of this motion?”

Simon Coveney: “First of all the motion failed. So…that’s not covered in the story. But I would stay here is that, you know, Maria Bailey is somebody who has paid a very, very heavy price for making a mistake. And she continues to pay that price but she is a very hard working TD. She’s been selected to represent Fine Gael in the next general election. She’s looking to rebuild her political career and is working extraordinarily hard to do that.

“But what I would say is that there is a need for fairness here. When people make mistakes, particularly in politics, of course there’s a consequence for that.”

O’Rourke: “Even though it brings the party into disrepute?”

Coveney: “Sorry, we have had a detailed internal investigation into what happened here. The results of that have resulted in the Taoiseach taking disciplinary action. That action has now been taken. And so, you know, what I would say is I would encourage people to have some sense of fair play here and in terms of proportionality as regards the consequences of Maria’s decisions for her. They have taken an extraordinary toll on her personally and her family and her place in politics.

“And, you know, I think that when disciplinary action is taken, when consequences have been faced up to, there is, at some point, surely, an opportunity to allow a person to move on.”

“And, you know, I think it’s important that the Maria Bailey story is put in that kind of context as opposed to something else. Politics is a tough business and the electorate, of course, ultimately, will have their say.

“But the Maria Bailey I know is somebody who desperately would want to rewind the clock…[she’s] paid an extraordinary price for a mistake and is trying to put it behind her.”

Listen back in full here

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33 thoughts on “Heave Oh [Updated]

  1. Liam Deliverance

    “to have some sense of fair play here” – a FGer talking about fairness!, ffs

    “When people make mistakes, particularly in politics, of course there’s a consequence for that.” – no Simon, there’s not, that’s one of the biggest problems with you lot

    “Sorry, we have had a detailed internal investigation into what happened here.” – did ye, care to share the results of investigation then

    “They have taken an extraordinary toll on her personally and her family and her place in politics.” – yeah sure they have, dented ego,such dreadful suffering, she should have thought about that before she committed fraud

    “there is, at some point, surely, an opportunity to allow a person to move on.” – yep there is, outside of politics, lots of private companies interested in Bailey’s skill set I’m sure, she ain’t wanted in public service anymore

    “[she’s] paid an extraordinary price for a mistake and is trying to put it behind her.” – she hasn’t really though unless damaged pride is an extraordinary price, she should leave politics, that will be leaving the mistake behind, she might restore some respect and credibility if she did

    1. V

      Fine Gael should have thrown her out

      I don’t care about her politics or her potential as a public representative
      Or how hard a worker she is on her committees
      Or how may friends she has
      Or her family
      Or how fast she runs

      Or where she got that frock

      The issue is that the girl KNOWINGLY swore a false Affidavit
      There was absolutely zero In Good Faith involved
      And she did it for financial gain
      Personal financial gain at that

      That is a Fitness and Probity breech that can’t ever be put right, covered over or forgiven

      If it was the Central Bank that regulated Politicans she’d have been barred from ever acting as a public representative again, long before now
      And Fine Gael smacked with a six figure fine

      In fact she should also be barred from ever acting as a Co Director, or even being employed in a role that requires both Sign off from the CB (pre-controlled function) and a Fitness & Probity compliance requirement.

      I respect that it is up to the voters to decide her fate
      But either the party of Government are all about Standards in Public Office and Good Behaviour of their members, and the like

      Or they are not

      1. Bebe

        Well said Vanessa – ppl will remember this in the polls; FG will lose seats because I, and every other concerned citizen should take the opportunity to mention when FG come a-canvassing. I do hope the people of DL remember her actions and the now infamous Morning Ireland call that added to the controversy that may have diluted somewhat had she not tried to present herself as the wronged party. She instigated proceedings on flimsy grounds it appears – swinging without holding reins is a recipe for disaster unless you’re an acrobat! She herself and herself alone fueled the fire. Coveney is so wrong in his defense. Politics is indeed a tough business and she displayed such toughness even when the details of the case became known. She should have been booted out when it first came to light or following the internal inquiry. Are those findings published?

      2. scottser

        bang on frills. And did she express any regret or apologise?
        Does she deserve another chance?

      3. pixel_pimp

        That they didn’t act decisively speaks volumes. hubris, entitlement and a fair bang of arrogance off that crowd.
        Sadly i’ve no great hopes the great electorate of Ireland will weigh these matters fully and deliver the message that shenanigans of this ilk are not acceptable.
        I’ve heard it said amongst those that natter,
        her greatest failure was getting caught.

  2. Dr.Fart

    “mistake” .. If I or any other member of the public made the ‘mistake’ of trying to defraud a business of €60k+ I have no doubt the “extraordinary price” we would pay would be a lot more extraordinary. These winky tinklers in FG are so barefaced about how they value themselves compared to how they value us.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      in the interests of balance, though, doctor, you’ll admit, I’m sure, that your own defrocking was more of a momentary sojourn or temporary hiatus than genuine punishment. perhaps just to appease us plebs?

      1. Dr.Fart

        i’ll admit I paid a very ordinary price rather than perhaps the extraordinary price that i should’ve/could’ve paid. but that’s in the past now, i’ve been found fit to practice again by the courts of irish law. The fact that i was struck off for a brief amount of time, means the chances of me doing what i did again are reasonably low.

          1. Dr.Fart

            no no no, no, i absolutely have not. i have not advanced on any ladies in my work space other than with someone perhaps who sent out clear signals to me. but if someone wears red lipstick, thats a universally accepted sign to proceed romantically.

  3. V

    Looks like Simon is already making sure of his numbers

    and this galls me to say, but ye might as well know
    at a breakfast thing this morning a well established Industry PR/ Communications Pro told me that they expect a December election
    Leo will gain between 8 and 12 more seats
    and remain as Taoiseach for another five years

    He also said that Leo’s likeability poll in the Times last week was pretty spot on

    I don’t get it myself
    But in fairness, I wouldn’t be surprised if they call an election once the Finance Bill is finalised and passes through the House instead of waiting until late Spring 2020

      1. V

        Do you think I’d be seen with a gimpy lobbyist for the Banks?

        Although I have heard he’s promising all sorts of gigs for the lads
        Review Committees, Internal Audit Review Group, Renumeration Studies, Pension Trustee whatever, Credit Committee, disposals – even BoD supervisory dig outs

        Big spondoulies in the banks at Independent Director levels – so maybe I should be nice about him

        And I have been known to not be very fussy (¬‿¬)

        nah messing aside, the lad this morning is a good egg.

  4. LeopoldGloom

    An internal investigation means nothing. She is a member of FG, not an employee. As an elected representative, she is effectively an employee of the state, the findings of any such investigation should be made public.

    1. Cian

      As an elected representative, she is effectively an employee of the state, and the people of DL will decide her fate.

      I wouldn’t give her a vote after hearing about her legal quest.

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