Meanwhile At Stormont


Siobhán Fenton tweetz:

A rare sight here at Stormont, where there hasn’t been a government for almost three years.

Politicians enter the chamber in a bid to block the legalisation of abortion and equal marriage, due to be legalised tonight.

The DUP have now walked out of the chamber.

Leader Arlene Foster tells press “It’s a very sad day” and a “critical matter for the lives of the unborn… an issue of life and death”.

Concedes reform is likely to go ahead tonight but says party are exploring other legal options.

Abortion law: NI politicians return to Stormont (BBC)

Pics: Siobhán Fenton

31 thoughts on “Meanwhile At Stormont

  1. Dr.Fart

    it’s so baffling that the DUP have a place in politics. They wouldnt pass any sanity tests. They live for chaos and division, any decisions they make are based on creating or deepening divisions, and always delivered with notes of insanity. The fact that anyone has to listen to them, and run deals past them is bonkers to me. Foster wanted to make the Irish language illegal, and said it’s offensive to ever hear it. How can you take someone like that seriously??

    1. Nullzero

      Their supporters are Ulster Unionists, they simply reflect their supporters cultural narcissism.

      1. Stephen

        Not completely. I saw a clip interviewing some DUP voters and many didn’t agree with their stance on abortion and marriage but still voted for them. Part of them problem is many up north are so entrenched in their catholic vs protestant ideas that they don’t care about other issues when voting its just an us vs them mentality and for whatever reason DUP has come up on top on that side instead of the more moderate UUP (I think they are more moderate anyway but not an expert on this).

        1. Nullzero

          In a sense you kind of reinforced what I said. The divide rules over everything else with these people.

          Essentially there are no “proper” politicians up north, just the biggest mouths on either side shouting at each.

    2. bisted

      …like it or not the DUP are the biggest party in the 6 counties but demographics are bringing this to an end…their abuse of their majority is coming to an end…just like the catholic church they are squealing…

    3. V

      They are paid

      Nothing to be baffled about that

      They adopt a position around who pays them and they represent that argument until the money runs out, or they’ve run it as far as they can

      That’s why they’re back in Stormont today, the Brexit engagement is over.
      They’re now in the service of who ever to funding their ProLife anti Gay whatever the Hate money comes up with next

      1. Dr.Fart

        i’m not baffled at what drives them, or their motives. I’m baffled that a party so comically insane have an huge input into what happens in a country. I’m baffled they’ve gotten to where they are with the crazy views they have.

        1. V

          Ha! Input
          you know you can be funny at times Farh

          That’s not what they do, silly

          They impede
          They march
          They stall
          They set fires
          They blockade
          They boycott
          They refuse
          They demand
          They issue statements
          They object
          They sing hymns
          They condemn
          They accuse

          The only inputting they can be accused of is inputting their expenses

    4. Dawjaw

      They are proof that democracy doesn’t work, there are more subtle examples but they should not be allowed next or near any sort of power or authority

    5. shayna

      Unfortunately, such is the case. I received a warning from the UDA in South Belfast that I had been overheard speaking as Gaeilge and was “encouraged” to move. I reported the intimidation regime to the PSNI. Coincidentally, I received a letter from The PPS this morning,

      “A PPS lawyer has carefully considered this case and taken a decision not to prosecute any person.
      A prosecution can only be directed where there is sufficient evidence available to provide a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction, and prosecution is required in the public interest. It has been decided that the evidence available in this case is insufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction.”

      A tad disheartening to say the least.

      1. Dr.Fart

        jesus, Shayna .. that is unreal. The audacity to be warned against speaking your own language in your own country.. that would drive me mad.

      2. Cú Chulainn

        They are total scumbags. The GFA was to leave the United Ireland vote for c.100 years so that they would just die out. This Brexit fiasco has destroyed that plan. Meanwhile, like many before them, they are finding out just how much the word of an English political is worth. In time, even the most narrow minded Unionist is going to look back and thank their god that the Free State saved them.

  2. Murtles

    Like their Brexit buddies in the UK, they had three years to fix it but leave it until the last minute. The DUP love a good walkout. Why are any of the North’s politicians getting paid when they are not working?

  3. scottser

    Unionism is dying. It will only take Scotland to leave the UK the DUP has no raison d’etre. In 20 years from now they’ll be paddy whackers like the rest of us, and their kids will know no different.

  4. shayna

    Scotland were completely misled during their referendum – scare-mongering about their economy – a mis-leading voting form – it was set up for a lose for Scotland.

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