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From top: Buttercrane Shopping Centre, Newry; Nike Air Jordans

Anything good in Bloomberg?

From July to September, the number of Irish registered cars visiting the Buttercrane Centre in Newry, in Northern Ireland, rose 62 percent from the year-earlier period…

It’s easy to see why they would make the journey.

On Friday, a men’s wool jumper cost 35 pounds, or 38.75 euros, at Marks & Spencer’s in the north, compared with 47.50 euros on the company’s Irish website. Nike Air Max sneakers cost 85 pounds, or 94 euros, at JD Sports in Newry, against 110 euros in the south….


Egan now runs a cafe in Dundalk, on the other side of the border from Newry. He says he now pops across to buy the ingredients for his wife’s favorite tipple, the Negroni cocktail, made of gin, vermouth and Campari. The combined cost of buying a liter of each is 33 pounds, or 36 euros, compared with as much as 70 euros in the south, Egan said.

While Northern Ireland is traditionally cheaper than the south, the plunge in sterling now more than offsets travel costs involved in heading across the border.

“When I go up there, I hear a lot of Dublin accents, ” Egan said. “The closer to Christmas, the worse it will get.

Ah heyor here.

Pound Drop Takes 15% Off Air Jordans for Irish Border Shoppers (Dara Doyle, Bloomberg)

Pics: Trip Advisor; Sports Direct

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John Gustavsson writes:

As a matter of fact, a British Member of the European Parliament, David Hannan, suggested Britain should reach out a hand to the Irish and offer them the sterling. Also more trade between Ireland and the UK would benefit both countries.

We should also remember that technically, Ireland does not need the UK’s permission to use the sterling. It may be useful to have (not to create diplomatic tension etc), but it’s not absolutely necessary.


Sterling: A solution for Ireland (Caffeinated Thoughts)

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