Left Wing Or Populist?


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast presented by William Campbell (right) meets Paul Murphy TD.

William writes:

Paul (above left) has left his former party – sort of – and founded a new left-wing group called The People’s Front of Judea RISE. I take him in detail through his policy proposals – are they left-wing or populist?

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Here’s How

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6 thoughts on “Left Wing Or Populist?

  1. curmudgeon

    William really had fun with this one. After the Monty Python opening I thought things couldn’t get sillier, but then Paul upped the ante by recommending the nationaliisation of supermarkets.

    1. Rob_G

      I listened to this yesterday – not sure I am mad on Campbell’s presenting style, but it was funny him calling out Murphy on some of inconsistencies (socialists against property taxes, etc).

      Cheers for the recommendation.

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