This morning.

Ronan Palliser writes:

8.53am (top): Luas tweets about a broken down bus on Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

(above): a tow truck arrives on site.

In the meantime, Luas trips from Sandyford to Stephens Green take an hour and a half, despite that being the actual route for years.

How does it take 2 hours to get a tow truck to a bus on Dawson street? Not a rhetorical question.


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8 thoughts on “How Long?

  1. frank

    I’d say the tow truck had to come from somewhere that was approximately 2 hours away from Dawson street. Hence it took 2 hours for it to arrive. Ipso fatso.

  2. Christopher

    Id say all the luases backed up from Dawson street to the quays might have had a knock on effect on general traffic so its possible it would take a couple of hours.

  3. Optimus Grime

    The company that owns the tow truck is based in Baldoyle and by Google’s reckoning that is 33 minutes from Dawson St

  4. Eamonn Medlar

    These delays are getting more and more frequent. Luas management need to explain why they can’t manage.
    A bus on Dawson line should have had little impart on the Brides Glen to St Stephens Green part of the route.

  5. Rob

    TII should contract Dublin Bus garages to provide a tow service for bus break downs. then pass the recovery costs onto the company who broke down. Im sure with the distribution of bus depots around the city, a break down truck could clear the bus within half an hour. Nice little earner for Dublin Bus too.

    1. Kim Cardassian

      Don’t be ridiculous with your practical and common sense approach.

      The unions will claim that it’s too much extra work for staff and causing stress and demand a 43% pay rise

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