Meanwhile, In Glasnevin


This morning.

Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Ministerial colleagues surrounded by pumpkins at the launch of the First Progress Report on the Climate Action Plan 2019.

The plan sets out how to meet the EU 2030 climate-related targets and achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and finally usher in a lizard-led New World Order.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Earlier: Meanwhile, In Glasnevin

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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Glasnevin

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He sure did. He tried to read through his script in full but made an awful show of himself. Waffle was cut through by the interviewer like a hot knife through margarine

  1. White Dove

    Once again, I fail to see how any work can be done with all these photo ops.

    Anyone who has done photo ops knows they take time.

    You have to dress for the photo op.

    You have to get to the photo op.

    You have to pose for the photo op.

    You have to talk to people before and after the photo op.

    You have to get back to work after the photo op.

    Anyone interested in doing their work properly is driven insane by these sort of things which completely interrupt a day.

    The fact that they seem to be the only things our politicians are happy doing should gravely and seriously concern us.

    I really am not joking on this, each photo op is literally a grinning dereliction of duty and thank you Broadsheet for never letting a single one to go through unrecorded.

    They illustrate indeed that our politicians are simply actors in a play. The question as Broadsheet asks is who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. I am not sure about lizards but I have no doubt top civil servants (scaly or not) love the idea of photo ops because they get the Ministers out of the way and allow these mandarins to get on with what they have done best for years, exercising uncontrolled power over our lives and running the country into the ground.

      1. :-Joe

        Ye, the one scientific factual thing for sure, is that their action are inhumane by any reasonable analysis of F-f/g establishment policies.

        Policies for establishment and elite self interest first before the interests of citizens overall whether spawned from the cold, dead, empty-vessels of anonymous, autonomous, autocratic civil servants or not.


    1. :-Joe

      Sure, I agree with you…

      The solution is that you and the 60%-ish of voters need to stop voting for the F-f/g establishment and if you don’t like other options in the broken party political system(now remotely controlled by the EU) then..

      Back your local trustworthy, motivated, independant hard working candidate that wants to represent you and your constituency in the best way possible or put yourself forward.

      You’ll be suprised how often an independent can deliver on important issues despite not being in power. Nottomention also diluting the free-for-all averice by the crony establishment and increasing the overall accountability your above points refrence at the same time.


      1. Cian

        Except his point was the country is run by civil servants not Ministers, so if you voted in a slew of independents… the mandarins would continue to run things as they see fit.

  2. :-Joe

    P.S. Is that the actual Irish government… Really??

    Here is what I automatically think of when I see any interchangable pr-spun revision of the F-f/g establishment( for the averice and greed of elite, private, foreign financial interests) party each and everytime they pull these blatent narcissistic, polit bureau, pornographic abuses of tax-payers money…

    The F-f/g government – [ ]

    Seriously, W T F**k?…How have we let this happen?.. The head-boy in this production is not even democratically elected. Think about that for a minute.

    Yet, he has the authority to decide when an election can take place.. Without any dispute from his (fake)opposition / partner of what in reality is the same party and hardly a whisper from the electorate.

    If this is democracy, then it’s truly a frightnening state of affairs….

    – & I’ve just watched the greatest Halloween horror film of all time, yet again and for the third time for the day that’s in it…

    “Come and See” – Elem Kilmov 1985 / (Russian: “Idi i smotri” lit. “Go and look”)
    – [ ]

    Clearly, we never learn quickly enough from the repeated mistakes of our past but Isn’t that what they know, want and actively encourage to continue?

    Is this type of government exactly what you wanted, asked for, voted for or deserve?…

    Perhaps you should demand more for and from yourself and any potential political leaders in future.


  3. Iwerzon

    Simon Harris pretending to laugh with a forced guff-haw as if he actually got the joke in an attempt to be accepted by the rest of the gang. I bet he punches Josepha’s arm because he fancies her.

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