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  1. Pip

    Dem snacking prices are just mad.
    Even now in Aldi / Lidl too.
    Just buy a hewij bar of chocolate for hardly any money and cut it up (willpower required).

  2. kellyma

    Im not justifying the size of the price differential but one is nut pieces and one is whole nuts. Broken bits of nuts will always be cheaper than the whole pieces becuase of the quality requirement.

  3. martco

    in a former work related scenario we figured out there was major money to be had in dividing down to smaller quantities for certain foodstuffs (by rarity/availability or cost)…chocolate callets for example…buy in a big sack & repackage into small tubs. €€€.

    1. martco

      (gah edit function disappeared?)

      point being..get yourself wise to larger quantities (start simple with likes of Musgraves or IIHF) & divide down

  4. Pip

    The word origin of retail is re-taille (Fr.), or to re-price.
    Makes you think dunnnit.
    Sure I remember loose biscuits!

  5. Jeffrey

    indeed – pieces VS whole wallnuts. I suspect the pieces may be the exact same though, personally I get mine in Lidl, nice quality and cheaper than both these

        1. Friscondo

          Wow, you’re not wrong. I know where I’m getting my BAR-B-CUE Jackfruit, and Cock Brand rice flakes now. Great shop!

        2. martco

          you had me all excited there for a minute Frillz :(

          I chased this. on the page they state “GREENFIELDS Vanilla Pods 2pcs” @ €7.85 that’s a normal typical inflated retail price, driven by local supply issues..I think you can get them in Tesco’s for less…anyway vanilla comes from 2 places – Madagascar & Mexico…Madagascar has had multiple crop disasters which led to price going thru the roof & its never recovered. wholesale marginally but not spectacularly better.

          I got all excited cos further down the page Asiamarket state “This packet contains 4 pieces of vanilla pods”

          4 for €7 odd? depending on origin & qty I’d have bought the lot as in all of it.

          so I rang them, its a typo.


          1. V

            Ah don’t buy online lads

            go on up
            Loads of parking
            and they’re open every day till 7 maybe later

            Best price scallops in Dublin
            And best and widest range of spices, at at least a 5th of the price anywhere else, and in different qualities
            Also a wide range of flours and cooking oils

            And the same for the teas

            BTW Martie, you’ll easily spend a couple of hours in there
            You’ll be bringing home bags of proper cinnamon sticks – pure bark btw, whole nutmegs, star anais’, whole and ground cloves, and you won’t have spent a tenner.

            Specialist Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean condiments etc all there at a fraction of what you’ll pay anywhere else

            Sweets, Jellies, Soft Drinks and Juices, cakes, weird veg and all sorts of eggs. Ye’ll thank ye yet

          2. martco

            ah stoppit

            them places are dangerous for someone like me

            like treating a GA member to a Vegas jolly

            I’d spend much much more than a tenner

          3. V

            yeah I know
            But shur
            You’ll get years out’ve your shop there
            I’ve a sealed jar of Star Anais’ here – from a bag I picked up about three years ago
            same for a handful of whole nutmegs

          4. martco

            Frillz next time you’re making creamy mash on yer pipers or roosters grab one of those nutmegs & scrape some in with the microplaner. you’ll thank me.

          5. V

            I do that already
            And a teaspoon of truffle oil
            But I’m laying off the spuds at the moment
            Trying to

            Now here’s one
            Sweet potato soup – season with a stick of cinnamon and grated nutmeg

            Oh yeah, and, fish pie, before you topcoat with the spud
            Season with grated nutmeg

            And Martie
            Pentland Dell for the mash

            Btw everyone, the Asia market up in Ballymount is like the warehouse / HQ
            It’s a massive facility in fairness
            I counted 22 lorries in the loading bay one time

            It’s just behind the Valeo compound

          6. martco

            Dells? hm actually never tried them in all my life?! have to give them a go. my fave of faves are Queens but they’re a pain in my — to peel so I rarely if ever go there except specials.
            fish pie..haven’t made one in years & I had a great oul wintry recipe too with the chopped boiled eggs an English lady taught me…you’ve just led me to go digging in the attic for it!
            the other thing I’d throw the nutmeg at is a vanilla ice cream (custard base)

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Yes, was about to post that! Great value at the Asia supermarkets on saffron, cardamon pods and all other delights.

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