“There Has To Be Extremely Heavy Policing And Surveillance”


From top: Michael McDowell;  Quinn Holdings Directors from left: Dara O’Reilly, Tony Lunney, John McCartin and CEO Liam McCaffrey, speak to the meeting ourside Monaghan Garda Station after meeing with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris last night

This morning.

On RTÉ’s Today with Seán O’Rourke, Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin and Senator Michael McDowell spoke to Mr O’Rourke in light of the interview with Quinn executive Kevin Lunney on BBC Spotlight Northern Ireland programme last night.

Mr Lunney’s brother Tony Lunney also participated in the discussion.

Mr McDowell mentioned that if one drives into Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, today, the town’s ‘sniper at work’ sign is still perched on a telephone pole.

He then said:

“I think there has to be extremely heavy policing and surveillance and use of electronic counter measures, bugging, you name it. Tracing cars, you name it, tracing the use of phones, all of that has to be done very intensively.

“And I think that…again, I don’t want to be negative but there has been a  clear lapse in policing  on both sides of the border and there should have been a clear appreciation that this was going to escalate to the point that it has.

“And in any event, if it hadn’t escalated to the point that it has, it was still unacceptable.”

“That sign [in Crossmaglen] on the side of the road should have been removed by the gardai and the county council years ago. If I put up a sign in the middle of Ranelagh, giving out about Luas or something like that, it would be gone in ten seconds.

“You can’t have a differential approach to the rule of law…”

Listen back in full here

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12 thoughts on ““There Has To Be Extremely Heavy Policing And Surveillance”

  1. some old queen

    Given that Crossmaglen is in NI and fiercely republican- the gardai arriving to remove a sign would receive a standing ovation I think.

  2. Mickey

    You’d think someone of Michael McDowell’s experience would know that it would be illegal for the Gardai or the County Council to walk into Crossmaglen to do anything…

  3. Kolmo

    I’m nearly certain that sniper sign is not there..mostly just local GAA club colours on lamp posts, supporting the local kids and young adults..

    Do we all know who is behind this Quinn related gangsterism and are too afraid to say or am I missing something?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      All of the republican signage is gone and the town is tidy, vibrant and well-kept. The signs are, in fact, being sold online to collectors. I would ask the Senator where he saw the recent sniper sign and the map coordinates.

      1. some old queen

        4 hairdressers, 2 barbers, a beauty shop, 2 high end clothes shops and a professional make up artist- and that’s only to cater for appearance.

  4. V

    Does the eminent SC, Senator, former AG and a former Minister for Justice not know that Crossmaglen is in Co Armagh?

    Jesus t’night, if ‘Zaga and UCD couldn’t teach him geography
    Surely his Granda or even the Army might have drilled something about its location into him

    another talking head filling airtime for RTÉ


  5. A Person

    Where is MOF? Probably hiding with his shinner mates behind masks, or smuggling people, cigs, fuel or drugs, all for the cause i.e. who will pay most.

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