Have You Five Minutes?


Geo writez:

Hi, I was hoping you may be able to help with a college project I’m working on with a friend of mine. We’re trying to create an app to improve the buying/renting experience of people in Ireland (it’s horrific). If you could share this survey it would be really appreciated.

In fairness.

You can do the survey here

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8 thoughts on “Have You Five Minutes?

    1. edalicious

      Perhaps if there was an app that sent an automated email to your local TD every time you made a search on a property rental website?

  1. Rob

    Who trusts estate agents in general? There is no way to validate that they have actually received offers higher than your own.

    My experience as a 1st time buyer
    After several viewings I rang the agent to see current offer on a house asking was €300k, current offer was €270k. Placed a bid on the house a few €k over the current offer, agent rang me said it was far too low, offered €285k, and was told was I was the highest offer. 2 days later the house went sale agreed. I wasn’t notified that I was no longer the current highest offer. Went from €285k up to €315k apparently.

    Another experience I had was that I check the residential property price register ahead of any viewings. Agent said the property has been owned by this couple for the last 10 years, I said that the register indicates that it was sold 3 years ago. He said I must have mistaken it for a different property.
    That same old estate agent said that the BER details are not a concern and all I need to know is the rating. BER details provide date of construction, type of build, efficiency of boiler etc.

    1. curmudgeon

      Fair play for doing your due diligence. They are no different to used car salesman in practice.

    2. postmanpat

      Try selling a house through and agent to buy another and the real fun and games begin. Talk about getting it long and hard from both ends!!!

  2. Paulus

    Always happy to contribute where the denigration of the EA fraternity is concerned.
    I nearly said profession there. IF it were a “profession” then it could be placed way below the world’s oldest profession – which is quite respectable and transparent by comparison. And at least with the oldest profession you’re in no doubt as to what process you’re engaged in.

    Despite their repeated attempts at “professionalising” their grubby trade, EA’s are simply parasites who sell your property to another person while utilising as much deception and false bonhomie as is necessary.
    Sorry if I appear to be vague or holding back here!

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