Staying In Tomorrow?


Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show – Gay Byrne Tribute last Tuesday

On The Late Late Show...

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

Dublin woman Samantha Power joins Ryan to tell him about how her father’s untimely death impacted on her life, her time serving President Obama, and why Donald Trump’s actions are seriously jeopardising America’s place in the world.

Activist Sinéad Burke will discuss everything from her dealings with Victoria Beckham and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, to getting a call from the President…

Declan Kelly, the Tipperary-born entrepreneur, businessman and founder and CEO of Teneo will be in studio to discuss his hopes to end global poverty…

After the drama of last Sunday’s win, the Irish Women’s Hockey Team will join us on the show to celebrate their historic achievement in qualifying for next year’s Olympic Games.

Tipperary comedy duo The 2 Johnnies will also be here, and there will be a special musical performance by Rachel Coyne, the young singer who made her mark on The Late Late Toy Show last year…

As the funeral of Gay Byrne takes place in Dublin tomorrow [Friday] morning, host Ryan Tubridy will also take some take time to remember the late, great, former Late Late Show host during the show.


*cough 2*

*cough 3*

The Late Late Show at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

Pic: Andres Poveda

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19 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

    1. newsjustin

      What’s wrong with Davos?

      Saw her interviewed by Seth Meyers. She’s smart. I don’t know much else about her.

    1. f_lawless

      Hah. Yep good article (although I’d quibble with the Intercept’s stance on Syria). The defining aspect of her career was to aggressively promote the US’ ‘weaponisation of human rights’ – ie.imperialism under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

      ‘(When) asked “Do you believe the United States has committed or sponsored crimes?” ..she just repeated that “the United States is the greatest country on earth.” ‘

      Shades of psychopathic ex-president George HW Bush? When once asked about the shooting down of an Iranian passenger jet by the US, he replied “I will never apologize for the United States of America – I don’t care what the facts are”.

      I suppose it’s ever more true these days – and no more so than in the US – that the kinds of people who rise to positions of power in politics tend to be lacking empathy and fail to acknowledge or accept moral responsibility for the consequences of their actions – not even in a collective sense, it seems.

      1. Boethius

        What a great comment.
        All you need to know is she willingly spends time with Kissinger.
        Re.intercept take on Syria : they seem to be the rare outlet to even give enough of a poopy to at least question the official narrative..

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Ah, Declan Kelly. Alan (big supporter of privatisation of our Water) Kellys brother, who is involved in……Water Supply and likes the same circles of ‘cough cough’ himself no doubt telling us all about his sponsorship of Tipp hurling and how he has our interests at heart. There wont be any hard questioning done of course.

  2. Tea And Brexits

    But will Mr. Tayto turn up to explain the latest Gaybo furore? I bet they have to pay him a packet to appear.

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