Blood On The Tracks


This afternoon.

At Dublin2Bikes, a bicycle shop at Erne Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Cycling activists handed Transport Minister Shane Ross 40 flowers to symbolise the 40 cyclists who have died on Irish roads during the tenure of the past three ministers — Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Mr Ross.

Mr Ross was at the shop to launch a Dublin Bus driver-training aid.

To wit:

Right so.


Prioritising deaths of people cycling on Irish roads (Cian Ginty, Irish Cycle)

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12 thoughts on “Blood On The Tracks

  1. bigx

    If the minister is doing all he can he is clearly incompetent and should be replaced, preferably by someone who says less and does more.

  2. Ads

    40 cyclists have died in Ross’s time, 22 cyclists died during the ministry of his predecessor, Paschal Donohoe, and 22 more during the ministry of his predecessor, Leo Varadkar.

    1. Chuckenstein

      And cycling with a bit more consideration. I’ve nothing against the regular, responsible cyclist but I’m partially sighted and some can be a real hazard

      1. Kingfisher

        Cycling with more consideration is more likely to happen if safe infrastructure is built so your nan and your little girl and your mam going for the messages feel safe enough to get on a bicycle.

        And to Cian, yes, some of the dead were knocked off their bicycles by speeding drivers as they went for a spin in the country, some were people going to work like young Neeraj Jain, killed by a cement lorry in Dublin this week.

        We need to be considerate to each other, yes, and part of that consideration must be giving up the cars that produced 39% of Ireland’ carbon footprint in 2017, a figure that was already rising sharply then.

      2. SB

        If a cyclist encounters, say, a drain set a few inches into the ground then they have no option but to swerve it. This is why drivers need to give wide clearance, just in case, and also why a safe, segregated infrastructure suits everyone, cyclists and drivers alike.

        If you don’t mind me asking, if you’re partially sighted, should you be driving at all, if, as you say, you can’t handle the unexpected like other drivers?

    1. Cian

      Most of the deaths are Sunday’s and in 80km zones. Sounds like lycra-clad long distance rider’s.

      Not commuters needing separate infrastructure?

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