The Hard Of Hearing


This afternoon.

Further to RTE’s cuts announcement

Deaf community activist Micheál Kelliher writes:

RTÉ…What’s your plans with subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people?

If you shut down #Aertel (888 for subs) and they are not using TV setboxes, etc, how can you ensure them to have access to subtitles?


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6 thoughts on “The Hard Of Hearing

  1. Christopher

    Anyone who still relies on aertel for subtitles will find out that it no longer works and will contact rte or a deaf community organisation who will let them know how to get subtitles in other ways.

  2. Graeme

    If I’m not mistaken Aertel 888 isn’t used for subtitles anymore. If they have RTE on their TV through Saorview (which it should since the analogue shutoff in 2012) it natively supports subtitles through whatever device they use to watch. Doesn’t matter if it’s a TV or set top box etc.

  3. martco

    ah I wouldn’t worry about it because fuppall is gonna happen. this latest cry for help moneygrab will succeed and we all know why, don’t we?

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