Spoke In Their Wheel


I BIKE Dublin tweetz:

“People who have participated this week or supported from afar: this is your achievement. TDs and councillors are writing to the Minister for Transport demanding action. We are being heard.”

In fairness.

Catherine Martin

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5 thoughts on “Spoke In Their Wheel

  1. ____

    Proper infrastructure is the only sure-fire solution.

    Additionally, requiring side-view cameras on HGVs is a no-brainer. Quick and easy with current technology, and a tiny cost compared to the price off lorry.

    1. mexican

      Shure that’s grand then, let’s continue with the shite cycling infrastructure and outright hostility towards cyclists in our cities.

    2. hansel

      How does that work out per km of road again, Cian?

      Also, perhaps you could extrapolate your point more than just twisting the statistics. For instance, what would you suggest would be a good use of Ireland’s transport budget? Cos over the past three weeks of expenditure/funding announcements, we’re running at roughly: pedestrian project announcements: €0, cycing project announcements: €0, public transport projects: €0, roads projects announcements: roughly €1,000,000,000.

      I perhaps may be getting above my station and being all “entitled”, but I don’t think that’s a very good way of reducing car dependency, encouraging sustainable transport blah blah blah all of the NTA’s stated targets.

      For context I drive most of the time. I’m not perfect by any means, I just don’t think we can go on being a backwards 1960’s ‘Mericuh style country forever.

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