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College Green, Dublin 2

This evening.

At College Green, Dublin 2, at 5.30pm.

Cycling activists will hold their “final action of the week” after staging die-ins earlier this week and giving the Minister for Transport Shane Ross 40 roses yesterday to symbolise the 40 cyclists who have died on Irish roads during the tenure of the past three ministers — Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Mr Ross.


Barry P M tweetz:

And as if we didn’t need more reason for this and other protests… this was the scene outside the Spencer Hotel at 8am this morning. Cyclist hit by a taxi.


At the ‘die-in’ next to Dublin City Hall on Dame Street.

Via I BIKE Dublin

Neeraj Jain (above) who was killed while cycling to work last Friday: I BIKE Dublin plan a week of activities to mark Mr Jain’s death

Following the death of Neeraj Jain who was cycling to work last Friday morning when his bike collided with a cement mixer at the back of the builkding site of the National Children’s Hospital….

….I BIKE Dublin is organising a series of actions this week to draw attention to “the fatal neglect of our roads by critical public services”.

Mr Jain, from Faridabad, India, moved to Ireland in 2018 to pursue a Masters degree in Engineering in UCD and was working with Deloitte in Dublin.

Ciarán Ferrie of I BIKE Dublin writes:

This week, I BIKE Dublin will hold a series of actions targeting those State institutions that bear responsibility for the safety of people who cycle in this city….

We demand that the killing of Neeraj Jain marks a turning point – and that those responsible for safety on our streets ensure that no more cyclists are killed.

I BIKE Dublin demands:

A commitment from those responsible for the safety of our roads that there will be no more deaths of people who cycle.

We demand this commitment from:

Owen Keegan, CEO, Dublin City Council

Shane Ross, Minister for Transport

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

Anne Graham, CEO, National Transport Authority

Moyagh Murdock, CEO, Road Safety Authority

Dr. Sharon McGuinness, CEO, Health and Safety Authority

Dublin City Council to immediately fast-track a programme of physically protected cycling infrastructure in the Dublin City Council area. NB The space for this can be taken from private motor traffic lanes and on-street car parking and not from pedestrians; this history of reallocating space from pedestrians is completely unacceptable.

Dublin City Council to immediately release all statistics in relation to the 5 axle HGV ban, including the names of companies in violation and the frequency of violations.

Dublin City Council to install speed cameras to measure the worst streets in Dublin for speeding motorists.

An Garda Síochána to desist from all social media activities pending an independent review by the Garda Ombudsman into derogatory and insensitive communications dating back to 2017 (following inappropriate tweets from the @gardatraffic account which make jokes about bicycles on the same day that Neeraj Jain was killed).

I BIKE Dublin

Last Friday: This Morning

This morning.

Across Dublin city centre.

Members and supporters of I Bike Dublin stage a ‘slow cycle’ demonstration, as part of this week’s Extinction Rebellion events.

Pics: Rainer Melzer, Onyerbike, and Cllr Donna Cooney




Yesterday: Ourselves A Lane

This morning.

On Camden Street in Dublin 2.

Cyclists and supporters of I Bike Dublin stand by a dedicated cycle lane as a means to prevent people from parking or driving their cars in the lane.


RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes from the lane stream media LIVE on Camden Street reporting for CycleDrivetime.

Pics: I Bike Dublin and Stíofáin MacLochlainn

I BIKE Dublin tweetz:

So we took An Garda Siochana’s yearly performance for issuing fines for parking illegally in cycling lanes over a full year (in the full country) and our community worked to beat that figure in one week on their daily commutes. Above are the provisional results. #freethecyclelanes

Earlier: Dangerous Curves

I Bike Dublin supporters attempt to keep the cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2 clear of vehicles yesterday

Irish Cycle writes:

A new group of cycling campaigners, under the name ‘I Bike Dublin’, successfully kept the contra-flow cycle lane on St Andrew’s Street clear for around an hour and a half at rush hour [yesterday] morning.

The lane at St Andrew’s Street is well-known for illegal loading and parking on it, and is an example of chronic inaction by the Gardai and Dublin City Council.

Close to the pre-arranged time to finish the human protection of the cycle lane a truck driver driving a Nightline truck who wanted to park in the cycle lane refused to move and caused a traffic jam back onto Dame Street.

The truck driver would not listen to the cycling group or other motorists who asked him to move on. The cycling campaign group said that other trucks of the same size had passed and there was no issue of blocking the general traffic lane.

The protesters said they moved as it was past the pre-arranged time to finish.

The group has tweeted that it will return to the same location next Tuesday at 4.30pm.

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Pics: I Bike Dublin