Time Honoured


Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy (second from right) turning the sod on an upgrade to the Lee Road Water Treatment in Cork City

This afternoon.

Eoin English, in The Irish Examiner, reports that the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy responded to criticism of the Government’s response to the housing crisis by Fr Peter McVerry.

Mr English reported:

Eoghan Murphy warned that the State can’t just “throw up houses” overnight and must consider how to build communities too.

…“When we build a home today, we want it to last for 100-years,” he said.

“So we have to think, are we building it in the right place, to the right standards and specifications?”

Housing Minister defends the government’s Rebuilding Ireland plan during Cork visit (Eoin English, The Irish Examiner)

Pic: Cork City Council

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8 thoughts on “Time Honoured

  1. Dr.Fart

    things he didnt think of before talkin absolute pony;
    – 8 years isn’t overnight.
    – he showed fupp all “consideration” in ploughing ahead witch co-living centres.
    – he showed no will to build communities by allowing actual communities to be desimated by hotels and offices.

    i could go on and on, as most could. i fuppin hate this facist prick

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