This morning/afternoon.

The first picture of Jose Mourinho as Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager following the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino yesterday.

Former Chelsea and Manchester United boss Mourinho has signed a contract until the end of the 2022-23 season.

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, said:

“There are obviously concerns about how Jose and our club’s executive board will work together, and we are sure all fans would appreciate greater clarity on how the club sees this relationship operating in practice.”


Tottenham Fan Reaction: Mourinho ‘guaranteed to win something’ for Spurs (Love Sport Radio)

Pic via Spurs


Right so.

*ceases supporting Spurs*

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34 thoughts on “Hart Warming

  1. :-Joe

    Will he get the millions in transfer funds that were denied to Pochetino?…

    If not, will the whole thing play out as another slow-motion car crash soap opera… for everone to rubber-neck into whether they wanted to or not with the relentless, incessant, minute by minute updates in the 24/7/365 news cycle.

    It’s interesting that the breaking news media, even good aul’ Broadsheet, reports on this as newsworthy. It shows the degree to which english premier league football, supposedly a sport, is so saturated into the daily public consciousness over many other far more important ideas not even reported on or discussed at all.

    Mercenary takes another contract in rupert murdoch’s mercantile sports entertainment business.

    Sport is to war, as pornography is to sex…


      1. :-Joe

        Why, was that originally a Brian Clough quote
        -before Johnathan Haigt and others…

        In spite of the obvious hypocrasy of stated flaws and said criticisms, I’m a fan of international football in general, where it is the least corrupted(not saying much to be fair).

        Club football is a complete joke most of the time, It needs to be re-imagined and run like the Baseball league in ‘murica where there was a cap on spending, equally all the same for each team.

        Only then would we see who really is the best manager, team, individual player and club.

        One day maybe…


          1. :-Joe

            Haha ye, ok I see..

            Liverpool probably deserve and have earned the right to another title…
            – Especially after Gerrard’s slip.. oh dear.. still painful to watch and I’m not fanatical about any club apart from Accrington Stanley of course.

            Shame they had to spend so much cash to get there tho.. however wisely spent it was.

            If it’s any consolation, with the players and manager at the moment I think they would still win it in this era under my proposed fairer and more equitable system.

            Pep is a good manager too but has never overcome the odds without a humongeous pile of cash behind him.


          2. :-Joe

            I’m not into trolling for trolling’s sake..

            I was genuinely gutted for the lad because he was so great to watch especially that almost unbelievable comeback in Istanbul.

            Many great games over the years and impossible not to admire his determination and will to win, especially in the shadow as underdogs to the Fergie/Keane/$$$/F.A domination at the time..

            Luis Suarez was just sensational too… nom.. nom… defenders are tasty.


  2. RuilleBuille

    Spurs fans will react exactly the same way as ManU fans did. They don’t want neanderthal football!

    1. scottser

      arguably, united beat ajax in the europa league final by hoofing long balls to fellaini. spurs did exactly the same thing against them in the champions league semi by hoofing long balls to llorente.
      that ship has already sailed, my friend.

  3. :-Joe

    Paschal the bean-counter accountant for foreign anonymous private corporate shareholders and greed complaining about mercantilism in a sports entertainment corporate business owned by Murd(er)och Inc.

    Jesus wept… then saves it on the line for a 0-0 draw and perfect game.



    1. A Person

      You’re dead right. Politicians should only focus on politics, and nothing else. Can you shinners do the same, and stop intimidating / torturing company directors, and smuggling fuel, drugs, people?

      1. :-Joe

        Jayzus, are you stalking me?…

        I’ve told you this before but I’ll tell you again(for the third time at least) you deluded establishment apologist….

        I’m not a shinner, a SF supporter and never have been. I’ve never even voted sinn fein in my life as a first choice, Although, when I stupidly believed in party politics that picking the best out of the favourites to win was a good idea as a strategy, I chose a candidate in what turned out to be a total failure of the recent neo-labour sell-out party.

        Honestly, I wish I had of picked the SF candidate then or an independant candidate which would have been better and what I believe in and have done so ever since.

        Why will only vote independent?… It’s because party politics is a waste of time until there is a credible alternative to the establishment to balance the moral problem of stability vs chaos. Too much of one or the other in politics and leadership over time is bad for society and leads to deep problems that only a re-balancing can resolve.

        The F-f/g establishment needs to be diminished to the point that it comes clean, admits and merges to be officially the one party that they already are and have been for decades.

        F-f/g policies, actions and lack of action etc etc. serving themselves and foreign private financial interests before the public good has done an infinitely greater amount of damage to society and citizens of this country than the IRA or any of the criminals or thugs of that era up until the present day situation that you keep repeating back to people like a broken recording of bad ideas any time they criticise the obvious corruption of the establishment.

        If this is too complicated or you can’t be bothered to read it and try to understand or you just don’t believe it or care then best of luck to you and I wish you good fortune in eventually finding some enlightenment about the political reality in Ireland.

        If you want to argue a point or ask me a question go ahead, but if you call me a party political shill again I’m just going to take the piss out of you while you confuse yourself into an even more nonsesical, ridiculous and angrier state of mind.

        Vote independent.. dilute the establishment and encourage true proportional representation for justice, equality and a fair shake of it all for everyone.

        At this stage, EVEN!.. SF would be better vote, in fairness… at least see what they do with this pirate ship and give them a chance for once in a century…


  4. Tea And Brexits

    Fat men and women in expensive team journeys raising pints behind the steering wheels of their taxis in Dublin everywhere. WHO CARES?!!!

  5. Stan

    ‘Our club’ Paschal? Proud son of the northside and all that?
    Don’t come looking for the Bohs vote in P’boro’ next time is all I can say. (not that you’d be getting it anyway)

  6. Brother Barnabas

    as an arsenal fan, this is definitely the best thing that’s happened this season

    or last season

    or the season before

    or the one before that

    for a while, actually

    1. italia'90

      Good ebening Mr Pochettino, here are my keys, best of Iuck at the Emirates
      And you don’t even have to move house!

    2. :-Joe

      Stating the obvious perhaps and I’m not trying to pull your leg or kick the hornets nest but…

      Arsenal need to sack their entire board and hire someone, anyone, even just one board member from the club canteen who remembers or knows what a defensive unit and a strong spine used to look like….

      The world and their pet cats,dogs and even baby hamsters are continually baffled by the same incompetance year after year… nevermind all the issues with managers.

      The final straw was seeing Tony Adams half-pleading to the club defensive strategy for some common sense after a game the other week. It’s truly beyond daft…


  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    There was a full six minutes of radio time this morning between 8:30 and 9am devoted to this guff, with crazy references to stuff most of us know nothing about. The reporter himself was introduced giddily as a ‘White Heart Lane’ fan. What does that even mean? The assumption that we know really angers me. I’ve listened to interviewed soccer players boringly rattle on in their bad English (English natives or foreign natives) about how chances were opened up and it was a game of two halves and the opposition were too strong and we didn’t fulfil potential….blah blah. Unbelievable sheee ite. Like how is this news?

    1. :-Joe

      Ye, I like football as a sport and international football is great craic but the incessant coverage of the premier league and club football by the hour is ridiculous…

      It’s big business in sports entertainment and all the betting associated but apart from that it’s mostly down to Sport being encouraged to be useful as another sedative to keep the masses from getting politically engaged instead and then eventually as a result, demanding a ban on the incessant hourly reports on public media.

      Most of the media is either state owned and controlled or supports it indirectly so, good luck with that one.


        1. :-Joe

          True indeed but most other sports are dull by comparison and most people politically engaged are only coupled with and within the safety of their cosy binary choice tribalised echo chambers…

          Mourinho to win 10 games in a row, make to a cup final and win something and more than half the want-away’s to sign a new contract before the season is out.

          Any odds on that?


    2. GiggidyGoo

      The RTE news storyboard is
      Climate Change
      Climate Change

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