You Don’t Have To Be Madra To Work Here


‘Saol an Mhadra Bháin’.

(‘The Secret World of Working Dogs’)

A two-part bilingual documentary series on TG4 which tells the stories of people “whose lives are dramatically changed and improved by their newly established partnerships with their Working Dog”.

Deirdre Ní Choistín writes

This unique and heart-warming series brings us into the homes and lives of those living with serious health challenges as we capture how these amazing animals transform their lives.

Over two episodes, Saol an Mhadra Bháin reveals the unique bond between human and dog and shows the difference working dogs can make for those living with visual impairment, autism, diabetes, epilepsy, severe scoliosis and muscular dystrophy…

Take that, cats.

‘Saol an Mhadra Bháin’ on Wednesday  November 27 and December  4 at 21:30 on TG4.

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