Not Eating For Two


This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Climate Change activist Patricia Devlin (holding a photo with her grandchildren) begins a hunger strike outside the gates of Dail Eireann to highlight ‘Government inaction on the climate and ecological emergency’ as part of another week-long series of ‘global action’ events  by Extinction Rebellion.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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33 thoughts on “Not Eating For Two

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Is this a proper hunger strike, or an Irish protest hunger strike where you just don’t eat between meals?

  2. naasface

    i remember there was a strike in a factory in naas, can’t remember who the company. but someone kept sending delivery pizzas out to them to wind them up. at first they thought it was just some lads messin maybe. but they sent out about 20 pizzas. so who can afford to send 20 pizzas somewhere? and why would someone do that? these were the starting points, that the guards didnt care about or want to act on, but one of the strikers figured out it was their boss, stored up all the pizzas and put them thru yer mans letter box and down the exhaust of his car. the boss fired him, court case ensued, boss won, judge was his mate. the lesson is; house always wins.

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Quinn Industrial Holdings management must be fuming not to have to deal with such professionals.

        1. Papi

          Scene, opening: Possible hunger strike in Naas:
          “Pineapple, again, Murty!”
          “Who’s doing this?”
          “Tis pure bad”

          End scene

          1. Slightly Bemused

            You could tie it in with this lady, too, given she is from Kildare (and is, appropriately, protesting on Kildare St). She may have had family tormented by those pizzas. She could have been traumatised before, and chose this new spot as there are no pizzerias nearby…

          2. martco

            just a small dialog suggestion…where u say Tis pure bad would that not be “Tis Katt”

            (whatever Katt means maybe someone can explain that KE thing to me?)

          3. Slightly Bemused

            @martco: awful, dreadful, sickening: choose your synonym. It basically means something is not right, and ranges usually from disappointing (friend does not buy you a pint: ‘That’s katt!’) to ghaslty (saw a dead body: ‘That’s pure katt!’)

            I was not aware it was only a Kildareism :)

          4. Slightly Bemused

            I think my favourite as-far-as-I-know-only-Kildare expression is ‘house’ from ‘watch your house’. Used it accidentally a few times in a few places and in the confusion of the meaning to strangers, the accident I tried to avert happened. Ah well!

          5. martco


            @naasface’s proposal sounds fairly plausible…derived from catastrophic. thanks for that, one of life’s little gaps filled :)

            now have to admit not 100% it’s KE only…just have plenty of recollection of it’s use in junior b matches & in pubs down Straffan/Clane/Naas direction many years ago

            @Slightly – I might be able to add to “watch yer house” a wee bit more…we used to use it when playing either code football a lot, to warn a teammate when one of dem other c—s was bearing down to shaft from behind we’d shout it
            (kinda in a similar way to how you’d shout “go on son” when one of your mates is in on goal…..regarding house maybe there was extensive burglaries down KE way in the 80’s that were usually done via the kitchen around the back…so watch your back…that’s my theory anyway)

          6. SB

            For me, “Watch your house” was used in football matches in Dublin Northside to warn about a tackler behind you

          7. Slightly Bemused

            Re Katt v cat: @naasface is right about both the spelling and the origin, but its use goes beyond just catastrophic. I used the Katt just to not confuse the non-inducted:). I should have been correct, I guess. Apologies to my fellow Kildaremen and women!

            Re House/Watch your house: It was on the GAA pitch I learned it, but I only ever heard the shortened ‘house’ in Kildare, in many different situations from a waiter walking behind you to little ankle-biters on their way :)

          8. Slightly Bemused

            @martco: you do know that Straffan/Clane/Naas are all in Kildare, and intitled to use the KE reg plate? I assumed you meant the whole of Kildare when you used KE. Kildare town is but one of many in our great county!

          9. martco

            hm. more I think of it now my hazy recollection (Depeche Mode were in the charts 1st time around) was “house” was the players but the oullads & weirdo selectors royalty on the sidelines would roar “watch yer house”

            oh yeah, I know all about Celbridge Norris’ —-> Naas Hayden’s belt & how more progressively KE it got the more miles you got driven in the Jetta diesel (I was a blow in of course so the whole thing was chinese to me)

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Direct reply to naasface: the strike was about 2010/2011 and was against Green Isle foods at the IDA Industrial Estate on the Monread Road in Naas. I forgot about the pizzas :)

      The guy was probably pals with the crowd up in the Naas Industrial Estate who make pizzas,and so was less expensive than it might appear.

    3. Emah

      In the days of black and white tv, it was not unknown for erstwhile hunger strikers of the industrial dispute variety to put talcum powder on their faces so they would seem very drained (from the lack of sustenance, like) on the 9 pm news!

  3. martco

    I don’t doubt yer ones gumption but this is how it will go at best:

    she’ll bravely get thru the end November & maybe well into guts of December…who knows maybe others will join her, there’ll be publicity, hypothermia & an ambulance crew keeping an eye on her but eventually Mulvey Ltd. will be hired & by Christmas Eve after 15 mins of fame & a really good effort they’ll get talked down with lots of promises of this n that. years will roll by and nobody will remember it ever happened save for a bitta twitter timeline, wayback machine cached pages & 20 seconds clip on Reeling in the Years 2019 airing on RTÉ Player pay per view. The end.

  4. V

    I wonder how many years it will take that plastic poncho thing to break down

    mind you I shouldn’t mock
    that could be me in a few years

        1. Slightly Bemused

          I think you would look great in anything you wore!

          In this case, though, not track suit – looks more like waterproof over-trousers of the kind available from Aldi a few years ago (source: I have a pair :-) ). Admittedly, she is likely wearing tracksuit pants underneath, but a gentleman would not look there :-)

          1. V

            I’d only be seen in wets if I was sailing

            And let’s be honest – shur’ who am I fooling anyway
            those hard heeling days are over anyway


  5. Strongbow

    1000 babies horrifically killed every month. This is closer to extinction than the climate scam will ever be.

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