Turn Over A New Leaf


This morning.

Rick O’Shea, whose Book Club currently has 28,000 members and who starts as the new presenter of the RTÉ Radio 1 Book Show on December 8, writes:

Last year The Rick O’Shea Book Club Christmas Appeal raised over €51,000 in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust’s work helping those who need the most help in the middle of Ireland’s homelessness crisis.

Sadly Ireland’s homelessness crisis hasn’t improved in the intervening 12 months.

This year I want us to raise even more so here’s what you can do:Donate the price of an average second hand book – €5.

We start now and the appeal closes on New Year’s Eve.

Donate here

The Rick O’Shea Book Club

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One thought on “Turn Over A New Leaf

  1. :-Joe

    I gave 5e and a large hot cup of tea the other night to a homeless person freezing in the rain outside a centra.

    I asked her, will you be able to find and afford a bed for the night and she said yes and thank you and I felt a little bit better after trying to help her and the disgraceful situation.

    The reason I am reluctantly stating this here is that I want you to remember I did this because I’m not as famous as Rick O Shea and many others, no matter how well intentioned, who put their names up front and all over collections for charities.

    It’s about time that I get some brand recognition too..! :P

    Anyway, my point is…

    …Just give 5e or whatever you can afford directly to a homeless person and cut out the middlemen, the beurocracy, and all the rest of the hypocrasy…

    Charities help but nothing credible, meaningful and lasting will ever happen until the state policies want it to. i.e. the clowns in government need to be changed. You need to demand more and better and also vote them out and help to find a credible replacement.


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