Too Posh To Be Pushed?


Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy

This morning/afternoon.

The Social Democrats will  bring a motion of no confidence in the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy to the floor of the Dáil next week.

It comes, according to RTE, amid speculation that Fine Gael TD Dara Murphy is set’ to resign his seat in the Dáil to take up a job in the European Commission’.

Catherine Murphy , co-leader of the Social Democrats, said:

“Our housing situation has gone beyond a crisis and has been an emergency for a long time. This Minister and this Government have abjectly failed Irish families, our communities and our economy in not getting to grips with the chronic lack of housing that is affordable to buy or rent.

“The Minister’s trots out his plan – Rebuilding Ireland – but he can’t even meet the tame targets set in that plan. It is failure upon failure. And the consequences for real people are appalling.”

Roisín Shortall, Ms Murphy’s fellow co-leader, added:

On almost every door in the by-elections, our candidates in Cork North Central, Dublin Mid West and Dublin Fingal hear the same story of an emergency in housing.”


A spokesperson for Minister Murphy said the motion is an “election stunt” ahead of the by-elections on Friday.

“This is pathetic and the Social Democrats would be better using their time seeking support for a constructive solution rather than a stunt that will not pass,” the spokesperson said.

Social Democrats to table no-confidence motion in Murphy (RTÉ)


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13 thoughts on “Too Posh To Be Pushed?

  1. dav

    you have to wonder about the stupidity of fg? I can recall houses being pointed out to me in my home town based on which government built them e.g. “Dev Built those” posh-boy and by extension fg could have housed a generation and would have been remembered for it. Instead they tug forelock to the vulture funds and ruin the futures of generations.

  2. frank

    He’s 100% correct.
    It cannot pass because Fianna Fail are in coalition with Fine Gael.
    There is no opposition in Dail Eireann. A zombie parliament.
    One may scoff at the problems in the UK, but at least when the dysfunctionality of their zombie parliament was realised they were granted the opportunity to cut it’s head off.

  3. Dr.Fart

    murphy always comes back with “yea well i don’t see your plan” .. he’s said that to any politician grilling him on his failure in the sector. imagine any of us doing that in our jobs. you’d be turfed. “sorry, missus hagen, but i have no idea if that’s a tumor or a harmless lump. but look, i don’t see you coming up with any suggestions”

  4. Peed Off Irish

    No Mr Murphy, the stunt is you are still somehow a minister! You have failed repeatedly and now is beyond your time to go.

  5. Otis Blue

    We’re well used to rubbish Governments but have we ever had a worse cabinet than the current one with the likes of Murphy, Doherty, Harris, Flanagan, Creed, Humphreys, Ring, Madigan, Zappone and Ross?

  6. Steph Pinker

    Re: the next GE; I never thought I’d contemplate voting SF ever – but I am – consequently, I’m terribly conflicted, but I will never vote FG, FF, Labour, and unfortunately, where I live the independent/ other party candidates are non-existent; the only other option is not to vote, which also causes some consternation – I feel helpless because I know how important it is to use one’s vote.

    1. Mick

      I feel like i’m probably going to spoil my vote in the next GE, because I can’t in all good conscience vote for any of those fuppers.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Not voting plays in to the hands of FFG, they are more likely to win a seat without your opposition, cue another 5 years of the same horse manure.

        Take a list of all other candidates, email them a single question and see, firstly, which ones bother to reply, and secondly, how they reply. Shortlist and ask more questions if needed. Vote for the person you like the most, job done.

        I doubt SF or 80 independents could do a worse job and you may play a part in changing how we do things in Ireland. First step, break the stranglehold. If FFG do get back in NOTHING will change until GE 2025. ANYTHING could change if we kick the habit of a lifetime. I think a leap of faith is required here.

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