Staying In Tomorrow?


Des Bishop

On The Late Late Show.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

With speculation over the identity of the remaining Dancing with the Stars hopefuls reaching fever-pitch, Ryan will be unveiling more contestants…

One of the most decorated GAA players of the modern game, Dublin star Michael Darragh MacAuley takes us behind the scenes and lifts the lid on Jim Gavin’s shock exit as Dublin manager…

Comedian Des Bishop will discuss his new show Mia Mamma, in which he explores grief and loss and learning to cope with the death of his mother earlier this year….

There will be brilliant live music from Jerry Fish, MayKay and Mike Denver….

On September 6 this year, 16-year-old Mia O’Neill took her life, devastating her family and friends. Her mum Aisling and grandad Willie join Ryan on Friday night to share Mia’s story and tell viewers why her death cannot go unnoticed.

Award-winning impersonator Oliver Callan will also be in studio to give the political and sporting week a kicking….

The Late Late Show, on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

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18 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. Pat

    Is speculation over the identity of the remaining Dancing with the Stars hopefuls REALLY reaching fever-pitch though?

    Like, no offence if it is but I think it might not be.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    for the most part, I’m fairly easygoing – rarely care much about anything

    but that des fupping bishop twit really gets on my fupping sac

    1. Cian

      I find his accent annoying. But he has made some interesting programmes.
      I remember one from a few years ago where he was showing how tough it was to live on minimum wage.

      And then going off the China for a year to learn the language!!! bonkers!

      1. Royal M

        Whilst I’d never consider myself a big fan of his material, those two shows were far superior the dross RTÉ normally churn out. Fair play to the guy learning Mandarin and having the neck to go on a Chinese dating show. The minimum wage series was bleak, yet eye-opening. I wonder what it is about him that rubs people up the wrong way?

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          I think it’s his faux bemusement at all things Irish when he’s lived here since he was about 14.

          1. some old queen

            I love him- he obviously has intelligent observant things to say about Ireland- err… when he is here- connections obviously.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          I remember that one. Really enjoyed it. He’s not the worst in the bunch, in fairness. He’s no Ed Byrne.

  3. V

    Can someone please explain Des Bishop to me

    I’m struggling to find his connection to RTÉ
    Or to Entertainment
    Or to relevance even

    Is he something to D’Arcy mayb

    Ta. V

    1. Charlie

      Must he be relevant to RTÉ? He’s a stand up comedian and I find him quite amusing…well about as amusing as Hector. He’s also quite articulate. He’s also done a few interesting documentaries and I’d sooner listen to him on an Irish chat show than wheeling out Daniel O’Donnell and his missus, Christy bleedin Dignam, Vogue etc again and again. Just sayin’

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