Brand ‘New’


 Jennifer Carroll-MacNeill, Maria Bailey’s replacement on the Fine Gael Dun Laoghaire ticket

Ah here.

This afternoon.

Localization Girls writes:

Our “New” FG Election Candidate after the Bailey Out…



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28 thoughts on “Brand ‘New’

  1. Kevin Quinn

    Jeepers, people on Broadsheet are really mean! I don’t like this government much either, and I certainly don’t agree with FG on everything, but I know Jennifer, and I like her. She’s honest and smart and hard-working. If she’s given a chance, she will be a very good TD. Much, much better than others we could all mention.

    1. Treasa

      No she won’t, as a FG party member she is ideologically tied to right-wing/pro-austerity public policy. So, in actual fact, she will be anything but “very good”, in actual fact she will be cruel and unmerciful.

    2. frank

      If you put your face on 70 inch by 50 inch bus shelter advert you’re public property.
      The public can be mean. Get over it Kevin

    3. Dr.Fart

      i’m sure she is nice, but she’ll still have to enforce and back up the policies of FG, and they won’t shirk on them over one person. So she can be nice all she likes, but at some stage will have to look you in the eyes and tell you that the housing policies are working.

  2. Tom

    Debated against her once on a referendum issue. We disagreed strongly but she seemed like a personable and decent character. No idea why strangers would look at a picture of someone and think they can write them off as a person.

    1. Tom

      Then judge the picture, or the efforts of the graphic designer, or the cultural norms to which the pic responds. Most pictures are contrived fwiw (“smile!”).

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