This morning.

Frontline Defence News Ireland tweetz:

I am a sailor [with the Irish Naval Service]. I work four weeks at sea, two weeks ashore. When I am ashore, I live on my ship and perform 3 x 24hr duties also. I get €24 per day at sea this month. I will do 10 x 24hr duties at a minimum. I am suffering from burnout…



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3 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. curmudgeon

    Aww bless them. Retire on full pension at age 50, plus tax free lump sum. All wages and bonus payments listed before they choose their career. Payscale that only increases with time and job security built in!
    As David McWilliams notes; its amazing how few public sector moaners actually leave their awful underpaid jobs and work in the private sector, isn’t it?

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