This morning/afternoon.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.

The People Before Profit General Election 2020 launch with top pic from left: Ruth Coppinger, Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd Barrett, Mick Barry, Brid Smith and Gino Kenny at their General Election 2020 Launch in Buswell’s Hotel Dublin.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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8 thoughts on “Left Awake

  1. A Person

    And what did all those hurlers on the ditch contribute. Only interested in retaining their seats but will not go into govt, as they will then have to make a decision.

    1. class wario

      you seem to be placing more importance on the making of a decision (whatever it may be!) rather than the content and effect of said decision which is, you have to say, quite weird!

      1. A Person

        Really? The whole point of being elected in govt as opposed to being opposition is to decide / make decisions. The left are happy not to make any decisions, but to complain and moan rather than do anything.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          do you think clare daly/ mick wallace made no constructive contribution in recent years ?

  2. Ben Redmond

    They look like the militant vanguard of something only a discerning minority of voters appreciate.

  3. Giles

    They were loitering in Ballybrack yesterday
    One had a dog and he was not amused when my dog tried to ride it

  4. Christopher

    They have proved to be completely useless in opposition- no one listens to them as they are just a protest vote who think that the solution to everything is more free money to folk who think they shouldn’t have to work for it. Hopefully this election will be a reckoning for them with the greens moping up the vote of those who cant countenance voting for FG/FF/SF..

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