Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Meat



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16 thoughts on “Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Meat

  1. Charger Salmons

    Aer Lingus is a dreadful airline.
    Its staff are useless and badly trained and customer service doesn’t exit.
    My meal preferences have been on my British Airways membership for years yet even in 2020 this option is not available on AL.
    And before anyone says anything I also happen to think British Airways has become a pile of manure as well.
    Both are eons behind when compared with Asian and Middle-East carriers.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        I came along late to this party, but I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read this on the app. Could not post then, and could not explain to the curious faces all around me! One of your best, Bodger!

  2. Fluffybiscuits

    The only vegetables are the folk tweetin them…bring a packet of crisps on board.

    Like at a funeral and priest says..”anyone wanna say a few words” and some fella shouts “Im a vegan”

    1. Oli

      I’d only be shouting at funeral if they didnt have any vegan sandwhiches at the afters… jeez, im not a monster…

      Also crisps are hardly going to cut it on a long haul flight when you pre-ordered a meal you never got… not asking for much or preaching! Just half decent customer service…. basic!

  3. class wario

    I reckon I’ve seen/heard lads make that ‘how do you know somebody is vegan’ gag, refer to themselves eating a ‘big tasty burger/steak’ when non-meat eating diets are even mentioned in passing or even just do the extremely tiresome ‘epic bacon!’ stuff online about 100000x more times than I’ve ever come across an annoying vegan.

  4. Brian Hughes

    Bord Bia estimates that 8% of the Irish population are now vegetarian, while 2% are vegan. American estimates are less than 4% combined. Aer Lingus only offers complimentary meals on North Atlantic flights with a higher share of North Americans onboard, so figure 6%. Pre-ordering is an easy requirement when the numbers are this low, particularly when the inclusion could impact those not required to prebook. Non-vegan or vegan in last row doesn’t get choice because ratio gamble is off. Over order? Not done. Added cost on an airline that has customer base seeking lowest possible fare. Cosy idea that people are not willing to pay for if they don’t use it. Like checked baggage and pre-assigned seats.

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