Drew The Same Conclusion


Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

“In national security matters and matters around the State, it is my obligation to report to the government as you would expect me to do.

Also, we have been contributing to the IRC (Independent Reporting Commission) reporting on the status of various paramilitary groups and we would hold with their opinion on these matters.

I am also aware of the PSNI and the British security services assessment and we do not differ from that view.”

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

Harris agrees with PSNI assessment that Sinn Féin, IRA overseen by army council (RTÉ)



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46 thoughts on “Drew The Same Conclusion

  1. frank

    “Drew The Same Collusion”
    I think would have been the better headline but I guess you guys are the experts

    1. italia'90

      Spot on Frank
      Drew has a lot of questions to answer about his part in Collusion and historical cover ups
      re: Miami Show Band, Dublin Monaghan Bombings, Glenane Gang, Harry Breen, Robert Nairac,
      Ulster Resistance, Johnny Adair RUC agents and shoot to kill

      He’s sufficiently compromised in my opinion

      Here’s a link from Village Magazine to a new investigation about to get underway, but Drew will be well retired in South Africa before the conclusions are published

      Drew Drawn In

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Not to mention his balaclava-faced mateys in the former UK police van performing an eviction in dublin, and his UDA mateys doing likewise in the midlands. And his armed UK police driving him around here.

      2. Golden Balls

        which top cops are not tainted?
        He’s come in to sweep aside the old boy’s club in there and is doing a great job from what I hear

  2. postmanpat

    It’s a Blushirt/RTE conspiracy . Those people were just having a nap in rubble and that red stuff was just strawberry jam. and..those coffins carried by Gerry were just …errrmmm did I mention blushirts? YUP the Sinn Fein!!! cant wait for my new cheap gaff!! UP THE RA!!!

  3. brughahaha

    SF really are terrifying those that have had uninterrupted power and access to taxpayers money for the last 70 years aren’t they

  4. RuilleBuille

    The PSNI assessment Harris agrees with was delivered by Harris himself. Who would have thunk it?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He just copied his own assessment from PSNI days into the log book of an Garda Siochana. That’s what you get when you have a West Brits populating our security forces with agents of the crown (make no mistake).
      Time for Harris and Varadkar to vacate this state.

  5. missred

    God, what a mess we’re in. Neither side can take the high ground here. Nordie politics’ inevitable spillover down south, of the “us & them” kind

  6. 01101101 01100011

    wowsers! there’s some bigtime desperation going on here now, establishment must be seriously rattled!!

    it’s all falling apart a bit so now it’s Plan B?

    did I read correctly….this Drew Harris guy holds an OBE and is ex-RUC? RUC as in the lads from NI who worked hand in glove with MI5? how on earth is he the main cop in Ireland??!? who is running this country?

    I’m really new to this (hands up very inexperienced at politics) but even I can see this is blatant propaganda, its depressing in a way but also pretty cool to be watching it live, stark stuff, VERY educational, jasus

    1. A Person

      Here we go, the MI5 angle yet again. We the ra, did nothing wrong, it was all the “establishment”. We still did doing nothing wrong. We are all innocent young people, don’t you know. If you don’t agree jog on and let us nordies get on with it. But if you dare criticise us, you will be bullied at best.

      1. yupyup

        Are you okay there? You’re sounding increasingly deranged by the day. I suggest you take a holiday for yourself when the next general election results start to come in.

      2. 01101101 01100011

        Hi A Person,

        I know very well who MI5 are (hello lads btw :) )

        look I’m only going off what I’m reading..and it literally took me 3 minutes..the operational connections between the RUC and MI5 are very very well documented.

        So now you have a fella who worked for the RUC at a very high level, someone who has had all sorts of intimate working relationships working as the main cop for Ireland? In the whole of the available planet they couldn’t find a better man for the job?!? LOL

        Furthermore getting involved in politics. You don’t see any issues there? (that’s rhetorical btw I have work to do, sorry)

        1. Cian

          Harris worked in the RUC from 1983 to 2001. I’m not sure if he was working in “RUC at a very high level”. He was then in the PSNI for 13 years until he because Deputy Chief Constable.

          …took me 3 minutes too :)

    2. Cian

      01101101 01100011:

      Would you by okay
      1. that Sinn Fein are controlled by the provisional army council?
      2. if SF end up in government, that the Irish government are then controlled by the provisional army council?

      1. frank

        Would you by okay
        1. that Sinn Fein accept advice by the former provisional army council?
        2. if SF end up in government, that the Irish government are then listening to advice by the former provisional army council?

        Lets suppose for a moment this statement is fact. – Sinn Fein listen to and act upon advice from former army council members.

        It should be remembered that those former army council members brokered a peace deal around a table with reviled opponents. A peace deal that has lasted 20 years.

        If I had the advice of someone like that I’d listen. I certainly would not say ‘sure you were in the IRA, what could you possibly know’.

        1. Cian

          Interesting interpretation that the army council is “offering advice” to SF.

          SF (in or out of government) can accept advice from whoever they choose. However I would have a huge problem if it was more than getting “advice” and the council were in any way controlling SF.

          It should be remembered that those former army council members brokered a peace deal around a table with reviled opponents. A peace deal that has lasted 20 years.
          brokered a peace deal? They didn’t “broker a deal”. Other people brokered a deal with them. The army council was controlling the bombings, killings and general terrorism. When they stopped the bombings, killings and general terrorism then there was peace.

          If I had the advice of someone like that I’d listen. I certainly would not say ‘sure you were in the IRA, what could you possibly know’.
          Sure – if I was looking for advice on bombings, killings and general terrorism, or how to stop bombings, killings and general terrorism – sure I’d listen to the army council. But if I was looking to run a country – that would be a big no from me.

          1. Frank

            Cian the problem seems to be squarely in your mindset. if you cant accept peace then there is no peace. let the light in.
            love your brother.

            “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.”
            “Where there is error, may we bring truth.”
            “Where there is doubt, may we bring faith.”
            “And where there is despair, may we bring hope.”

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Apart from being ‘of the view’, wouldn’t actual proof of such statements be a better way to make pronouncements like this? Then, upon receipt of such proof, you could ask such questions?

        1. frank

          correct GiggidyGoo.
          apparently there are dangerous individuals out there who have control over the largest elected representation in the republic. Holy Flipping hell that’s a charge!
          Leo Varadkar knows it. Micheal Martin knows it. Paul Williams knows it.
          Drew Harris commissioner of An Garda Siochana knows it.

          SO WHO ARE THEY?
          IF NOT WHY NOT?

          I’m reminded of the time minister for justice Willie O’Dea said ‘sure yer man owns a brothel’
          the former Garda Commissioner Callinan said ‘sure yer man is a head banger’
          that bit in Brooklyn when Saoirse Ronan is taken above the shop to be told how parochial Ireland works by the shopkeeper woman.

          it’s a familiar story isn’t it??

      3. garrett

        Would you be ok that:
        Fine Gael started life as a fascist grouping
        Fine Gael executed 77 anti treaty rebels, and were prepared to execute tens of thousands if required
        Douglas hyde offered condolences on the death of Hitler

        “if a dictatorship is necessary for the Irish people we are going to have one. It will be better than the so-called democratic Government we have, run by foreigners and Jews.” Ned Cronin, Fine Gael Founder

        “Jews are the instigators of Communism.” Eoin O’Duffy First Leader of Fine Gael

        Stay classy Leo

        1. A Person

          You really are sickening. SF say lets forget the past (as long as you don’t disagreed with us) and then bring up stuff that happened 80 years ago, suddenly that’s relevant to today. Your newly elected TD made anti jewish comments a while back (not reported on here) and you are on social media quoting an idiot from 85 years ago?? Pathetic.

      4. 01101101 01100011

        Hi Cian

        what I’m not ok with is being taken for an idiot!

        someone of such dubious past connectivity and past endeavour joining in the shouting party, someone whom from what I can glean has ZERO place in any political conversation telling me I got my vote wrong? are you kidding me?

        this is blatant blatant staged propaganda. because it’s gone horribly wrong for the establishment, hasn’t it? all gone Pete Tong. needs must. it’s so obvious you could carve a statue out of it ffs. I wonder what comes next?

        you work away at the comeback about SF but as I’ve written here before I couldn’t give a flying fupp about SF, past battles or killings or [insert whatever texas chainsaw massacre you like]
        blah blah bla-dey blah.

        see, that’s your mistake.

        I don’t care. SF are a vehicle. my viewpoint is for fairness, no Us and Them…from what I can tell in a sea of bs terminology you can take that as “Left” leaning. I simply want to break FFG (and I’m succeeding so far otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing and hearing any of this LOL) for illustration..you may think Mary Lou McDonald is a scumbag? I think Leo Varadker is far far worse.

        I disagree with Us and Them economics for my country. I want someone at the steering wheel who might bring about a halt in it’s current despicable transformation. DESPICABLE. It’s not an Ireland I want. the one thing I possess to affect the scenario is a vote. I have a vote and I will use it the way I want. I voted the way I did (very successfully btw) because I WANT CHANGE.

        tell me this Cian:
        Over the last couple of weeks past when exactly did Leo or Michael apologise for the last (9) 4 years and explain how they have gotten it all so wrong resulting in the state of the country as sits today?
        Or is it just that Ireland is supposed to be a country for rich people, survival of the fittest, and we’ve got OUR expectations all wrong?
        Where are the proposals to sort out Housing at all levels? Health? etc etc etc etc hm? not a peep

        gah! it’s just too complicated isn’t it :) I’m just so young and frustrated and I possibly couldn’t understand? LOL. well careful with the next steps, the young people in this country will remember this. we’re being cheated live on TV, the radio and the newspapers. amazing to see propaganda live, so interesting!

        1. Cian

          You say that as if the last 9 years have been an unmitigated disaster in the country, that we are living in some post apocalyptic hell hole.

          I know Ireland isn’t perfect – but it is closer to perfect than many other countries. Yes the housing is a mess: but that is partially a result of the booming economy. The population has increased by 10% since FG took over – but the housing hasn’t increased. With hindsight things could have been done different (and you know what, if they had been done differently you’d be moaning about something else)

          Corporation tax is up from 3.5bn to over 10bn .
          Employment is up, unemployment is down from (15% to under 5%)
          Median income is up.

          The health service has always been a shambles – but there are lots of good parts within the HSE.

          1. 01101101 01100011

            You say that as if the last 9 years have been an unmitigated disaster in the country, that we are living in some post apocalyptic hell hole.

            but Cian, for a helluva lot of people (you would acknowledge the seismic change in voting patterns I assume) that IS how it is

            this is the root of the point I’ve being making on here since minute #1

            the current (past) administration is deaf to this. just as you are demonstrating. I don’t mean that in an insulting way, it certainly seems to be true and I have so far got zero evidence at hand to contradict that assertion.

            you know the funny thing is Leo Varadker & co missed a major trick here. Have you ever heard the phrase “throw the dog a bone”? Lets’s imagine for a moment he IS Dr. Evil in person and he’s facilitating some kind of financial and resource hijack upon this country for people who operate in certain circles. I’m a reasonable fella. All I had to see from this chump, all I had to see was SOME kind of genuine recognition of the mistakes (side-effects as you might see them) and an effort being made to make some adjustment to fix the mistakes, the imbalances. Mea Culpa. We made mistakes, I’m responsible and I can see where I fckd up, I can hear you and I will work to fix them now and look, here is my sht-hot plan to deal with this emergency, we’re gonna p-off a lot of people with this but for the good of our country so we don’t build a fractured Them and Us society this is what we are ACTUALLY doing starting tomorrow. Let’s Go!

            Instead he hides behind Brexit and all other sorts of other irrelevant waffle. He forgot about ALL of his people Cian. He only took care of some of them. His job title is Taoiseach – the literal definition of the word is “Chief, Leader”. so I’d say on his job card, 5/10. nowhere near good enough.

            and now, when he’s lost the dressing room, he gets desperate and starts flailing about with all sorts of blatant propaganda. yeah, we get it. NI, war, death, blood, guts, shady fckrs. Cian, I have some news for you: there’s shady fckrs everywhere on ALL sides but hello??? could we get back to listening to the people who voted you out in droves and do something about them please?? nah. Whether its dis-ingenuity, being tone deaf or just plain incompetence he deserves his fate in my opinion.

            Cian, I’ve see enough of politics already to know that it’s mainly show with some deliverables here and there. I’m not expecting miracles, I realise cogs can be slow sometimes but I am expecting some genuine hard effort, ideology adjustment based on fixing the mistakes. Mistakes that maybe affect people outside of your sphere.

  7. D

    Jaysus, Varadkar would want to make sure and run that by DOB and Dessie on the phone before mouthing off like that.

    Sour japes.

    1. D

      Actually on second thoughts Leo, fair point. What’s more, is the anything to be said for a commemoration party for the black and tans?

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Poor Leokins is fast running out of excuses to be in opposition. The marriage of FFG will be consummated in the near future.

      1. D

        Oh it really is an appalling vista when 25% of the vote comes from ‘areas with low education’…
        I wonder how ever did this come to pass?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Bring your information to the PSNI and Gardai then. It’s what they are looking for.

      In the meantime it’s quite obvious that Drew Harris is having a bit of diarrhea at the thoughts of SF being in power here, and no doubt he has a lot of questions to answer himself from his time at the helm of the PSNI ( or was that the RUC? ). Would he continue on as Commissioner here, when he may be called on to provide information that he’s keeping tight lipped about himself.¿

  9. Joe

    How low can Fine Gael stoop to retain their snouts in the tax payers trough? They are really plumbing the depths now with biased political statements from the Gardai

  10. Truth in the News

    One would wonder which is the safer option the former IRA Army Council
    running the Country or proxy from MI5 with years of involvement is running
    the most rotten and most biased police service on behalf of the British
    Harris needs to be fired at once and Sinn Fein have stayed quiet about
    his appointment and his decisions in respect of Glennane Gang and his
    action to thwart further investigation which was recently overturned, any chance
    of RTE or Tommie Gorman interviewing families of victims of the Glenanne
    Gang……little wonder he is down in Templemore with his personal armed
    security detachment in armed plated transport, there was not as much
    surrounding Hitler in heyday …….Establishment Ireland has been well rattled
    since Sunday 9th February and they are in for a lot more before this year
    is out:

  11. :-Joe

    Haha.. what a joke.. desperate times call for desperate measures for the establishment of lies, greed and averice.

    Prepare yourselves for psychological profiling and individually targeted coersion through mass digital manipulation via social media platforms.

    It’s going to be the only way to guarantee control of the 60%-ish of total voters in future.
    – e.g. Brexit, Trump and various other elections worldwide that were manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, facederp, gurgle etc. etc.


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