Shadowy Figures


Last night

Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork.

Further scenes from last night’s Sinn Féin rally hosted by Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin TDs Pearse Doherty, Eoin Ó Bróin and David Cullinane.

Tonight, at Liberty Hall, Dublin 1 the party will host a second public meeting (in a series of five) at 7.30pm.

Last night: Meanwhile, In Cork

Pics via Jo

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18 thoughts on “Shadowy Figures

  1. Charger Salmons

    Not quite sure why Loser Leo is calling these meetings ” a campaign of intimidation and bullying. ”
    After urging SF to re-engage in the political process in NI it’s somewhat hypocritical to attack the Shinners for doing the same thing south of the border.
    Then there’s TinTIn O’Foole saying the Shinners electoral success isn’t populism but just the voters being ” sensible. ”
    Wonderful to see the Irish media struggling to cope with populism in the same way the British media ignored the Brexit Party when Nigel was stalking the land holding similar meetings.
    They look pretty damn popular to me.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Not quite sure why Loser Leo is calling these meetings ” a campaign of intimidation and bullying. ”

      My own view is that he feels intimidated, and is offloading those feelings into that comment. Mary Lou has said some strong things about FFG refusing to talk to them, and he may feel that is her bullying those poor politicians of the other parties. In fact, it is her relaying the wishes of the electorate to put a swift boot up the ****s of the ‘established’ parties.

      1. wearnicehats

        My view is that SF are behaving a bit like a kid taking his ball and going home.

        Ireland is quite lucky in the regard that the political system allows it to reflect on the possibilities of government

        Just because 24% of first voters chose SF doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good thing. Whatever the argument that FF or FG have been in power too long, the flip side of that is that they might actually be correct when they describe SF’s policies as reckless. Personally I think they are reckless and I truly hope that they are shut out. I’m no fan of FF or FG but I’m just too old to forgive and forget.

        1. Slightly Bemused

          “a bit like a kid taking his ball and going home.”

          Actually, that is exactly how I thought FF and FG were acting. Different perspective, I guess.

          “I’m just too old to forgive and forget.”

          I have no issue with that. But I also cannot forget that it was successive FF and FG governments that robbed me of the ability to afford a house of my own, and rifled my savings after telling me to make them, and who refused to make any moves towards addressing the social imbalances in this country. And those sins are all much closer.

          Don’t forget, both parties started in Sinn Féin, FF were the only ones known to have brought arms into the Dáil, and more recently ran guns for the IRA.

          We have no paragons of political perfection on this island. If time does not heal, then it should not have a best after date.

  2. Truth in the News

    Meetings need to be held in all constituencies and need to be broadened to
    include all shades of Political Opinion that want an end to the current status
    quo that have ruined this country since they got control of it from in fact terror
    and the barrrel of gun from 1922, just examine the wreckage, a civil war
    stagnation, emigration, corruption and now a massive debt

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    If we’re going to have another election because the most popul[ist]ar party can’t form a government, we must remember that the parliament building must be set ablaze just beforehand to ensure us plebs line up behind the leader like we’re supposed to.

    1. pedeyw

      Curious to know how you would prefer our democratic system to to work, I’m not talking party specifics or anything, just an overall idea of the electoral system.

  4. Truth in the News

    Jack O’Connor is still alive and more than likely cast a preference vote for SF, while
    political demise of Labour Party of which he is Chairman is apparent, as that is due
    to its subversion by Fine Gael all for a few jobs for the likes of Rabbitte and Burton

  5. Lush

    Why don’t they just save us all the bother (well you lot, cause I’m watching from afar) and call another GE?

  6. Ringsend Incinerator

    Last pic – there is someone still on their knees?


    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  7. realPolithicks

    Apparently there were lots of “shadowy” figures in attendance but you can’t see them cause they’re you know “hiding in the shadows”.

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