Please Be Upstanding




Last night: Liberty Belle

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12 thoughts on “Please Be Upstanding

    1. bisted

      …take it down from the mast Irish traitors
      It’s the flag we republicans claim…Hugh O’Connell needs to polish up on his republican songs if he wants to keep his job at the Indo…

      1. Cú Chulainn

        So, as many as 30 years ago when I was but a puppy I was drinking, proper old school hard style, in a well known republican pub in the city. End of the night and the national anthem starts off. Being Cú, an argumentative fecker, I refused to stand. An armalite and when that didn’t work a hand woven tapestry by one of the dead hunger strikers was produced to change my mind. I maintained that we couldn’t recognise Amhrán na bhFiann until we had 32 undivided counties. After a fiery debate the general consensus was that I was quite right. Anyway, the point is that all this flag waving snakes of Germany 1933, and its total poo..

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Maybe he didn’t believe the missus’ tweets about what happens when SF meets? The one where she mentioned ‘riding’ and ‘Mary Lube McDonald’, so he went to find out for himself?
      Or maybe he thought the words? were Sinne Fianna Gael

  1. Bren

    Very interesting as the EU project moves to suppress small nations with voting rights. I feel we will see more push back from the nation states & a rise in nationalism. I like the varied tapestry of individual nations & their cultures. Just back from a short tour of the USA. I did not like the sameness of every thing. Shops were the exact same in Vegas, Dallas, Florida, Philly etc. The poverty divide was so in my face. Another shock was the people long past 65 still working (lots & lots of them). If this is our future, rebel and rebel fast.

  2. AssPants

    In today’s society one cannot and should not have an individual thought, Any alegiance or beliefs outside the masses and they will come and shout you down for how wrong your opinion is.

    Pretty much anybody who didn’t vote SF are now ranting and raving that those who did support them were wrong…. similar to what we have been beaten with from Anti-Brexit and Anti- Trump snowflakes.

    As above, those who protest against those who didn’t vote for establishment will soon get their wishes granted when the EU closes down our independence in the guise of a “European Union”…. except the Union will be nothing more than the “European Germany or France”.

    Enjoy being part of the masses

  3. A Person

    You can have an individual thought as long as you don’t criticise the shinners. You do know that they won the election? Why was Michelle O’Neill there?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Why did Jeffrey Donaldson address the FG Ard Fheis – is he a member. UVF = DUP = FG a=b, b=c, a=c

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