A Limerick A Day


Manufacturers of phones, tablets and laptops will face legal obligations to make their products easier to repair and reuse under new EU regulations

Tech companies don’t really care
That your laptop is beyond repair
They all know the score
You’ll just have to buy more
But Europe now says that’s not fair

John Moynes


4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Clampers Outside!

    This also applies to washing machines, dishwashers, etc….

    Will the ever lasting light bulb return, I do wonder :)

  2. :-Joe

    It looks good on the surface but the real problem underneath all this is consumption / consumerism. i.e. Stop buying crappy disposable devices and appliances not expected to last around ten years or more!

    Ask yourself some simple but serious questions before buying anything. e.g. Do you even notice, let alone need the difference in quality or features between a 10mp camera and a 20mp one?..

    It’s more, late to the game, half-ass’d bumbling of facts leading to more crappy policy by bureaucracy that won’t go anywhere near far enough for even the beginning of the 21st century, two decades ago…

    As per linked Guardian article….
    Monique Goyens, the director of the European Consumer Organisation, said the action plan was crucial to make the green transition a reality. “If we want consumers to play their part, it should be easy, convenient and affordable for them to shop sustainably, which is far from being the case today.”

    Some environmental campaigners criticised the commission led by Ursula von der Leyen for not attempting to reduce consumption.

    “It is absurd, given that the EU consumes nearly three planets’ worth of resources, that reducing absolute consumption is not at the core of the plan,” said Meadhbh Bolger, resource justice campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. “The Von der Leyen commission’s plan for a circular economy is out of touch with the reality and urgency of the planetary emergency.”

    You/we’re the biggest problem….

    Change your own behaviour first…
    -Assuming, you even care about the issue of protecting the environment and the current climat crisis(NOT the term “change”, invented by Dick Cheyney to soften it’s resonance).


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