Everybody Stay Cool


This evening.

Whelan’s on Wexford Street, Dublin 2, announces it is postponing all events until March 29.

Via Whelan’s


This evening.

Copper Face Jacks nightclub on Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, announces that is closing until March 29.

Via Copper Face Jacks


Reardens, Cork

This evening.

On Washington Street in Cork city.

Reardens bar and nightclub, Cork’s answer to Copper Face Jacks, writez:

“In accordance with the new directives issued by the Government and State Health Authorities, and through careful consideration and internal discussions, we have made a moral obligation to our staff and customers to close our business from 6pm today until the 29th March.

“We hope everyone the very best of luck in this strange and surreal chapter of our history. Stay Safe. Remain Calm. Help one another if you can. Look out for the ones closest to you. We will be back as soon as we can. Love & best wishes.”


Earlier: Ireland Is Closed Until March 29 [Updated]

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27 thoughts on “Everybody Stay Cool

        1. Rob_G


          Imagine beyond the Pale without all of the free money that it is graciously given by Dublin?

      1. V

        No @Gob

        Reardins’ is fulla CorkKirrie
        Maybe a bitta Tipp

        Coppers let’s anyone in
        Even Meath Apes

        Like in fairness
        At least Reardies has some standards

        1. Clampers Outside

          What a colourful life you’ve had so far Shayna. I hope you get to regale grandkids or grandnephews / nieces with your stories one day :)

  1. Shayna

    I have (free) tickets to BBC3’s, “In Tune” live recording of The Ulster Orchestra at Whitla Hall, QUB on the 27th March. I was emailed by the BBC this morning, to effectively, check this space. I’m not sure if it’s in tune (sorry) to Coppers (Was only there once, on the eve of Tyrone’s first ever All-Ireland Senior Football Championship victory?, in ’95 – Charlie Redmond, despite being sent off, remained on the field for five minutes, Peter Canavan’s point was fair – nothing to do with Kevin McCabe’s penalty in ’86).

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

          1. V

            We had our 6 on the trot long before ye got it together
            And a Double
            And that’s just the boys

            So I dunno what gets ye all so cocky
            So tell yer friend t’ leave those poor Tryones alone
            And stop throwing durty punches in the tunnel when ye think ye’re off camera

          2. Brother Barnabas

            if we’re getting into ‘assorted and various things that happened consecutively’, we’ve a fair few infinite runs underway

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      That Charlie Redmond tale is like Muhammad Ali’s torn glove –
      it grows longer every time it’s told.

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