Your Basket Is Empty


From top: RTÉ 9 O’ Clock News report on Supervalu last night; email from SuperValu today

This afternoon.

RK writes:

Not sure you want another empty shelves story but I thought this one was interesting considering Supervalu management were on the RTÉ 9 o’clock news last night advising people not to panic buy/stockpile as there was no issue with the supply chain…

….I placed a weekly shopping order online yesterday morning (I’ve a chronic lung issue and currently attempting to social distance myself, I’ve also been working from home for 2 weeks, I thought online ordering was wise).

The order was placed well before the Taoiseach’s announcement and before any of the madness took hold yesterday.

There were 5 free delivery slots for today when I placed the order and it was for a standard weekly shop (if it was an order for a 1,000 rolls of toilet paper I’d understand!).

Supervalu have just phoned me to apologise that they’ve cancelled the entire order, the (very nice) person I spoke to said they were cancelling all orders due to demand.

I specifically queried the issue and they confirmed there was a lack of supply to fulfill the orders.

I asked if the order could be postponed and was told that no all orders were being cancelled completely.


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17 thoughts on “Your Basket Is Empty

  1. dhaughton99

    Just popped into Marks in Mary st and theres plenty of everything. No crowds. Grabbed bread, rice noodles, lettuce and a pair of black cords in the sale.

    1. Paulus

      It’s an unusual list of ingredients; but then I’m not up to speed with fabric-based dishes.

    2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Was it that terrible thin cord or the proper 11 wales/inch on sale?
      Might pop in if the army aren’t out.

  2. Stephen F

    If it is any use to you, if you are anywhere around Ringsend or Churchtown (or anywhere in between), I could try and sort you out. Let me know and I’m sure we can figure out the logistics and how to get in touch

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Clampers I think outside of all the cynicism and what have ya, there is a great ‘cluster’ here on the ‘sheet to do the right thing. So nows the time to (paraphrase the great champagne socialist Pat Comrade Rabbitte) put on a jersey and tog out.

    1. RK

      Hi Stephen

      Thanks a million – super generous offer :) We’ve enough to keep us going and there’s somebody else who can pop out to the shops too if needed (although they’ll definitely be waiting until the initial panic, hopefully, dies down), the online shop was more a convenience than an absolute necessity for me so I’m one of the lucky ones.

      Thanks again

  3. ____

    I don’t like supervalu but the one good thing about them is they’re pretty local so you’re likely to get a more sympathetic ear. I’m sure if this person were to ring their local shop and explain the situation they would do their best to help them out.

  4. Pee Peel

    Was just in SuperValu on Sundrive. Busy, but no panic. Although, I never seen so many people use a list to shop before.

  5. Paulus

    Might try a bitta shopping tomorrow:
    If I’m lucky, I can say I did some unexpected bagging in the shopping area.

    I’ll get me mask.

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