Red Line Issue


Earlier this morning.

At the intersection of Benburb Street and Queen Street near McGettigan’s Bar in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

A crash took place between a Luas tram and a truck.

The Dublin Fire Brigade have reported that one person has suffered non-life threading injuries.

One injured as Luas car derailed in crash with truck in Smithfield, Dublin (Irish Mirror)

Pics via Dublin Fire Brigade

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29 thoughts on “Red Line Issue

  1. Dhaughton99

    A person in the know told me about the Luas crash on O’Connell st a few years ago. Claims were getting processed. Investigators for the insurance company going through the CCTV spotted 12 people getting onto the Luas after it had crashed and each one had a claim in.

  2. Type0Negative

    “No doubt buildings obscure sight lines”
    Thats a funny way of saying the lorry driver was likely blasting through red lights because town is so quiet.

  3. Conksi

    During ye olds ‘normal times’ watch any city traffic intersection and watch all drivers behavior at traffic lights – that is what causes crashes. The traffic signalling works and building sight lines are not an issue.
    Damn buildings!

    1. Rob_G

      A load of ANPR cameras along the whole troublesome section, with fines and points sent for each and every infraction. We’d see a fair fewer accidents then.

      1. paul

        or just sensors and cameras at every traffic light. Automatic fine for anyone breaking a red light. They would make SO MUCH MONEY!! Even walking up the hill from Connolly station this morning, with absolutely feck all traffic, I counted 2 cars, 1 van and I lost count of the cyclists.

  4. Jim

    I have noticed some ridiculous speeding on the roads in recent evenings while out walking. It is so quiet some are using the roads for race practice.

    1. Optimus Grime

      True I have also noticed the same thing. Some people seem to think now is an opportune time to put the pedal to the metal.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    That looks really nasty, and I wonder if there may be structural damage to the building also. I hope the person who was hurt recovers quickly.
    Just the other day I was watching a compilation from the drivers’ cabin of idiots just pulling out in front of or across trams. Not sure where they were, but looked like a number of countries. So at least we are not the only ones with idiots on the road.

  6. Grace

    Oh yes i’m sure it’s the three story buildings obscuring sight lines there – it’s a regular Manhattan round there. Not.
    Nothing to do with the truck driver no doubt ignoring a red light and smashing into the luas – as happens regularly at that junction

    Dramatic increase in cars speeding and breaking red lights in last week or two, so this is not surprising at all..
    Hope Luas driver recovers quickly.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Nasty accident. Anything to be said for forcing the Luas’s to reduce speed when approaching a junction? – from the photos above, the Luas was going fairly fast.Better to be safe than sorry.

    1. Pavel

      Or you know, we could work on trying to do *anything* about the chronic red light running in Dublin?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yes – the red light running is a massive problem, and something should be done about it. Cameras?
        But that’s a fair old derailment above too.

    2. Cian

      If the Luas slows down for every junction it would increase the journey time and reduce the capacity of the line. So we would be punishing the Luas users for the actions of careless drivers – doesn’t seem fair.

      A better solution, as mentioned above, would be to link cameras to the red-lights and punish the careless drivers.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Agreed on all counts – I still think though that the Luas speed could be looked at. Wasn’t too long ago we didn’t have a Luas, and even for the sake of 5 minutes extra on the journey if might save a life or two?

    3. Clampers Outside

      I’d guess the truck was speeding.

      Every single vehicle that past me this morning, pre 9am, on the Quay in Waterford was pelting it because there was little traffic about.

      I’d say Dublin is no different.

  8. D

    Is there anything to be said for a level crossing? It works on the Dart, different class of criminal in that neck of the woods though.

  9. Dr.Fart

    truck driver should have the book thrown at him. everyone should drive careful, but in a big vehicle like that youve to be extra careful. and with hospitals v busy with corvid-19, careless risks like that carry even more consequence than usual.

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