River Runs Thought It



At Whitestown Stream near Tallaght, Dublin.

Save the Poddle’s Wildlife Sanctuary tweeted:

“You won’t find this in a Bord Fáilte advertisement. This is the Whitestown Stream, near Tallaght at the minute. It’s in South Dublin County Council where a lone volunteer struggles to remove the dumped items to help rescue the river.

Ireland’s rivers die under the weight of such neglect.”


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11 thoughts on “River Runs Thought It

  1. steve white

    Did they report these dumpings to the council,. don’t do the councils job for them.

    1. dav

      how long, in your estimation, would it take for the council to get down and remove that rubbish?

  2. Tarfton Clax

    Free? Someone, somewhere has to pay for a service. And how much effort did it take to bring them there to dump? If you can afford new Sofa and a car to dump the old ones, you can afford to dispose of them responsibly. Utter degenerates.

    1. mexican

      Agree, why is this being blamed as neglect by the council. How about blaming the scumbags dumping stuff in the river?

      1. James_R

        Because people on the lower margins are being backed into a corner by greedy bin companies and have no other option to dump their waste, nationalise the bin companies again and it will see an end to fly tipping I guarantee

        1. Cian

          Nope – we used to have free bins and there was fly tipping back then.

          scumbags be scumbaggin’

  3. paul

    “Ireland’s rivers die under the weight of such neglect.”

    no, Ireland’s rivers die under the weight of such scumbag behaviour that we tolerate as ‘ah sure, what do you expect’.

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