At A Shop Near You


Illustration on the cover of this month’s Dublin Inquirer

Dublin illustrator Amy McGrath has created this month’s cover for the Dublin Inquirer.

Amy writes:

I  was asked to put a spotlight on the work being done by frontline supermarket staff during this stressful time.

During college, I worked at my local supermarket and I was lucky to team up some of the most resilient and quietly confident people I’ve ever met; the checkout staff in particular could handle anything thrown at them.

My response celebrates this can-do attitude – with a wink, the cashier tells the reader that she is handling it – and there’s more than enough stock to go around!

Print edition cover (Dublin Inquirer)

Amy McGrath

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2 thoughts on “At A Shop Near You

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I heard that a group of shop workers did a spoof on restocking shelves, with toilet paper, and a US news organisation put it on their website too (not sure if they thought it was real, or a spoof and just funny).
    I have not found it yet. If I do, will happily share the link.

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