Essential Journeys


This morning.

Drumcondra Road,  Dublin 9.


A Garda car was damaged and three arrested following a high-speed chase on the M1 yesterday.

A Garda spokesperson said: ‘At approximately 4:35pm, [on] Sunday April 26, 2020, a car failed to stop for Gardaí carrying out COVID-19 checkpoints in the Swords area.

‘A managed containment operation ensued which ended when the offending vehicle was stopped on the northbound lanes of the R132, north of Dundalk a short time later.

Garda car damaged and three arrested following high-speed chase on M1 (


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3 thoughts on “Essential Journeys

  1. gallantman

    There seems to be a fair amount of evidence of the possibility of aerosol transmission from speaking. Is an unmasked Garda standing close to an open car…as in the picture…maybe upwind and in an elevated position, and talking to hundreds of people a day not a serious potential vector for transmission of Covid 19????

  2. Paulus

    Drumcondra Road surely…Archbishop’s “Palace” gate.

    But sure the northside is a foreign country to BS eh?

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