Within Reach


Make the most of your 2km.

Keith Phelan writes:

Is the lockdown getting to you?

View your personal 2km Island and discover some interesting buildings from National Inventory of Architectural Heritage Ireland as well as historic sites and ship wrecks from National Monuments…on Isolation Island (at link below).

Isolation Island

3 thoughts on “Within Reach

  1. John Smith

    Nice idea but I’m pretty sure I’d have to go a lot further than 2km to find any of those places! My 2km circle contains a handful of houses (occupied/empty/derelict), sections of five single-track roads (no circuit possible, it has to be out and back the same way), a number of fields and swathes of forest.

    I did try to check the service out, though, just in case there was a surprise for me. Unfortunately, the site ‘found’ that I live in a village in Co Wicklow, instead of out in the wilds in the West of Ireland. There seemed to be no way of moving the circle anywhere else, such as dragging it to the right place or keying in a different location.

    Maybe I’m missing something. Would be glad of any further guidance, if anyone can provide it.

    In the longer term, if it were possible to change the location and the distance, to suit your own wishes, this could be a useful site for holidays and days out.

  2. f_lawless

    “Isolation Island”? I don’t know – I was thinking it’s just encouraging feelings of disempowerment . Let people use their own judgement as to what’s within the radius – and if the place they want to go to might be slightly outside of that, don’t make them feel paranoid or guilty for going there. Less of the lonely, totalitarian dystopia I say!

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