31 thoughts on “Parklife

      1. paul

        the Guards aren’t hanging around there for nothing.

        that said, I pass by Mounty Square Park twice a day and if the sun is out it’s always heaving with people with no sign of the Guards. So who knows.

        1. scottser

          exactly – who knows?
          so maybe just hold off on the judgements until you do know.

          1. paul

            I see and pass enough people acting the maggot, I’ve got plenty of judgement for all and some spare too.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            kindly pack an overnight bag and wait for us at the front door, scottser

            your phone and wifi have now been disabled

          2. millie in quarantine

            It’s really not so bad, once you get past the probing stage scottser. Promise.

  1. Scundered

    They look well spaced to me, think this is a bit over the top. People need to get out and feel some sun and if living in the city it might be their only place.

    1. SOQ

      +Vit D

      And yet, there are videos flying around of full on street parties in the suburbs where the gaurds just drive in and out again.

  2. dhaughton99

    Yet the gang of 15 junkies at Christchurch can congregate and sell their wares without being touched.

  3. goldenbrown

    and yet for weeks now we’ve somehow managed to turn a completely blind eye to the daily fully loaded flights into LHR

    I guess sitting in a packed B737 is far safer than sitting on your own in a park on a nice sunny day

      1. goldenbrown

        my apologies planespotter ;) you are correct of course, the Aer Lingus fleet is Airbus not Boeing

        you seem to know your stuff so tell me, can you squeeze more Covid infected people onto an Airbus A321 or a Boeing 737?

        would the virus spread better or worse I wonder?

  4. Andrew

    The only reasons you can leave your home
    Stay at home in all circumstances, except in the following situations:

    to travel to and from work where the work is considered an essential service. The full list of essential services is available here
    working in an essential shop, bank or post office. The full list of essential shops, post offices and banks is available here
    to buy food, medicines and other health products for yourself, your family or someone who is vulnerable or ‘cocooning’
    to attend medical appointments
    for vital family reasons including caring for children, elderly or vulnerable people but excluding social family visits
    to exercise within 2 kilometres of your house. You cannot exercise with people from outside your household. From Tuesday 5 May, you will be able to go up to 5 kilometres from your home to exercise

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I don’t understand how all those strict things were imposed but they still let people come in on ferries and planes, without enforcing quarantine. It appears to me to be like locking the front door but leaving the back door open.

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