Unholy Trinity


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Front Square revisited.

Newly-unearthed images by American photojournalist Harrison Forman Include this small trove of Trinity College Dublin campus photos from the late 1960s. Restrictions on its members becoming students were finally lifted by the Catholic Church. in 1970.


Name those jammers (at front, left to right), anyone?

Pics via University of Wisconsin

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8 thoughts on “Unholy Trinity

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Morris Minor / Ford Popular / VW Beetle / Austin Mini / Ford Zephyr / Austin Cambridge

  2. Paulus

    I’ll have a go at the farther row in the same photo:

    Mercedes – possibly 180.
    Morris Minor
    Opel Rekord
    Thames van
    Triumph Herald convertible
    Austin A35 two-door estate
    Ford Anglia
    Austin/Morris 1100 or 1300

    1. Paulus

      When I was a young fella, a knowledge of the old country registration scheme was considered essential!

      There were a few traps for the unwary; ZA was Dublin while ZB was Cork, but ZC was back to Dublin again.
      Then, as an extra letter was added to to many counties, we anticipated the sniggering that would result when Leitrim (IT) would eventually reach TIT. Sadly that county’s car sales meant it would never come close before the present system was introduced.
      There’s a very comprehensive listing here:


      1. ReproBertie

        Watching that Maze film on Saturday night I got a flashback to my youth when the lads escaped in an old Westmeath reg car (LI).

  3. Shawnee Poole

    Of the 8 cars left to right, 5 are 2 door. Wouldn’t be seen very often now. The Ford Anglia/Popular is a long way from Ipswich.

    All North and South registrations had either an I or a Z in them,

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