Cross Bríd


Stop that!

This morning.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith’s dog Barney marks his territory as the dáil resumed.


Your pet in lockdown to

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6 thoughts on “Cross Bríd

  1. A Person

    Great, we are in a crisis yet you show another politician who can’t and won’t contribute anything with her dog. At our Parliament. Where decisions should be made. ffs, bring back Go’D.

    1. Lurch

      What you on about?
      Bríd Smith could well be the best politician in the country.
      Her contributions are immense.

      1. A Person

        Really, name what she has one in the last 8 weeks weeks other than showing her dog at the Dail? Has she tried to get into govt and lead, as she was supposed to do?

    2. Chummley

      We applaud Brid for her dog
      It was the balls to pee in front of the corridors of power

  2. Madam X

    Barney has decided already that some politicians wee wee on people so he’s getting his in first

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