‘Mandatory Footing’


Minister for Health Simon Harris at this evening’s Department of Health briefing

Just now.

Gavan Reilly tweetz:

Simon Harris announces Government decision to require mandatory 14-day self-isolation on arrival at seaports and airports. Will take effect from next week.

“Living alongside the virus absolutely requires doing things differently…”


Mr Harris added:

“From my recollection, already we have a situation where over 70% of people are filling out the form, even though it’s an administrative basis. And I should say that doesn’t mean that 30% of people are saying they don’t want to fill out the form.

“In fact, quite the contrary and a very, very, very small number, I mean single digits-sort of thing on a day is what I’m talking about, not filling out the form.

“But it does mean that as long as it’s on an administrative basis, there’s, you know, it tightens it up I suppose, putting it on a mandatory footing. Now you have to have this form filled. Therefore, airlines, DAA, everybody needs to make sure that this form is in place.

“So you fill out the form, either before you arrive in Ireland or when you arrive in Ireland. You hand over the form to probably a member of the board of management unit. You can then be spot-checked for a phonecall. And if there is a suspicion or a concern, we have the ability for someone in a position of authority, probably a member of An Garda Siochana, to call to that address.

“I do need to say this though: I think it’s highly unlikely that that’s what will be happening in most cases. In fact that’s not what will be happening in most cases. In most cases people will be good and decent enough to tell us where they’re staying.

“And then, and this is a protection for them as well. I mean this is absolutely a protection for them as well, because if you were to find out that a case were to emerge and we needed to quickly contact trace people, we now have the ability. So I see this tool as a contact tracing tool, primarily.

“I also see it as a very clear messaging tool in relation to the fact that we should continue to avoid non-essential travel. And I also see it as another opportunity to remind every single person coming through our airports or our ports as to the fact that the public health advice is you should self isolate.”

There you go.

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24 thoughts on “‘Mandatory Footing’

  1. SOQ

    Rolled up sleeves = we mean business- medical cliche 101.

    You sir have deaths on your hands- sleep well.

      1. f_lawless

        Hard to believe you could make such a callous comment .Over half of Covid deaths in Ireland have been in nursing homes. This was down to the government’s catastrophic failure to take decisive action. The buck stops with Harris as Minister of Health. Lawsuits are likely to follow as a result of the government’s gross negligence.

        1. bisted

          …it wasn’t me (or Harris) who boasted recently on Broadsheet that I couldn’t reply to a comment because I was expecting a few lads round for dinner…what will ultimately succeed in defeating this virus will be the solidarity of people doing whatever is necessary to stop it’s spread…

          1. SOQ

            I am really not going to answer you anymore Bisted because it is quite obvious you are not a nice person. You spend your time trying to get under other people’s skin or try to get one up on them while never actually contributing anything of worth.

            Quarantining healthy people was and is a ridiculous idea- especially when they were just leaving the elderly to die in homes. It was a level of barbarity I never expected to see in my life time and if I had anything to do with it- criminal changes would be brought against Harris and those responsible within the HSE.

  2. V'ness

    put a Magnum PI ‘tash on him
    and under another month of Lockdown hair

    you could be looking at a young Dick Spring

  3. Madam X

    So in late March when we were importing this virus wholesale it wasnt required. ( Not recommended by WHO I think was the term used) U Turns incompetence and not even enforceable shhhh

  4. diddy

    playbook was always to suppress the demon then close up shop. it’ll be a strange summer, domestic economy only, no tourists to fleece will result in alot of pubs and resteraunts being unviable

  5. Orla

    It’s such a necessary piece of legislation to protect our country according to the authoritarians but we will only enact it on the 28th of May, in the meantime come on over to Ireland all you infected zombies, get in quick ,be grand.

    Any chance we can ask about duel death certificates ,cause of death specifics please,, Tony’s numbers are way too steady to be trusted, he’s playing covid19 administrative poker with back pocket cards, proper hustler Tony, taking advantage of the long gone spike and dragging it out.

    Any of you with an opinion please point me to your chosen “science” and “expert” and let’s play covid 19 top trumps.

  6. The Dude

    Should have occurred sooner but nonetheless most welcome at it is necessary.

    Denmark and New Zealand provide the models to emulate, where businesses can again trade properly as consumer confidence is restored.

    It would be desperate pity to waste the efforts of the past 10 weeks, so this seems the sensible and safe step.

  7. Frank

    these same measures are being challenged in the UK by airport authorities.
    we are totally dependent on tourism.
    time to switch on Harris et al.

  8. Steph Pinker

    I doubt the Irish electorate will ever recognise the insidious authoritarian behaviour this acting government has imposed upon us, until it’s too late.

    1. SOQ

      No- they are waking up for sure.

      You only keep the fear going for so long before people start wondering who are all these fatalities because the demographic is so age specific.

      That is not to say those people should not be protected, quite the opposite- the institutional ageism this whole thing has uncovered is absolutely shocking.

      1. Micko

        What ages indeed.

        Interesting, the gov seem to have stopped releasing the median and mean age of those who have died in their Daily reports? They stopped around early May.

        They sometimes state the median age of of everyone who was infected, which is about 48. But not the daily dead numbers.


        Probably because as we all know – they would be very old people and that wouldn’t scare us enough. :-(

    1. Bodger

      “But it does mean that as long as it’s on an administrative basis, there’s, you know, it tightens it up I suppose, putting it on a mandatory footing.

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