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In Europe, an Italian government survey covering deaths in 10 percent of the nation’s care homes, suggested 45 percent of all deaths in that country could be in care homes.

And in Spain, leaked regional government data suggested 57 percent of the country’s death toll from March 8 to April 8 was from care homes.

According to Ireland’s chief medical officer, 54 percent of deaths up to April 11 had occurred in care homes.

Figures released by the French public health authority showed 45 percent of deaths took place in care homes.

In Belgium, health ministry figures showed 42 percent of COVID-19 deaths happened in care homes.

In North America, it’s reported at least 3,621 deaths in the U.S. have been linked to coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the country. In Canada, deaths in nursing homes makes up almost half of the country’s coronavirus deaths.

Not A Medic writes:

There appear to be specific countries that have encountered the same issue concerning nursing homes. Was there a general policy worldwide that some countries opted out of?



20 thoughts on “‘Devastating’

  1. Marbe

    Yes, the policy was to put the care of the elderly and the long-term disabled on the back burner. For years and years our parents, our brothers, our sisters, were valuable members of society then suddenly they weren’t contributing, in terms that governments value so what can we do. Put them up on the shelf, out of reach, almost forget them, sure half of them don’t even vote! The care of the elderly? Let’s cocoon as many as we can and ignore the rest. Its not really a policy but an absence of a decent one that begs the question.

  2. Johnny

    “In North America, it’s reported at least 3,621 deaths in the U.S. have been linked to coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the country”

    -thats way off..

    “But among the 79,977 U.S. COVID-19 deaths captured by our analysis, 33,692, or 42 percent, were nursing or residential care home residents. Based on long-term care usage and demographics in the 11 largely rural states that do not report long-term care fatalities, we also estimate that, nationally, the share of fatalities from nursing home and residential care facilities is 43 percent, and 53 percent outside of New York State.”


  3. Johnnythree

    So, 40%+ of our deaths in C19 were vulnerable people.
    FG don’t care, if they can’t vote, don’t pay tax and don’t work they will throw them on the scrap heap.
    No idea why we had to close the country down just because they could not put a care home infection control policy in place.
    They did have time though to ‘negotiate’ a private hospitals ‘agreement’ worth a per bed price far in excess of any other country. They also had time to send out the Garda Commissioner on his bike for a photo opp and get the ‘leader’ out for a picnic.
    Nice. Always inhumane.

  4. Hansel

    I just want to say that while we’re all rightly castigating the government for not doing enough to protect the care homes during the crisis, I know that I was equally as guilty: if I don’t make “care of the vulnerable” an election issue, neither will the politicians that I vote for.

    We don’t treat the vulnerable members of our society with anywhere near the dignity they deserve. And it’s shameful.

    1. V'ness

      We are a Country that is currently led by a man who advocates that the provider and source of a helping hand for those that need it is
      The Bank of Mum and Dad

      And who put Social Welfare – a department he led himself under the strategy of Cheaters Cheat Us All into the hands of Regina Doherty

      But hey
      Let’s just all get outraged at him picnicking in public
      And spend our time measuring his bare chest with Putin
      And whether tis 5 clicks from his gaff or 5.2

      1. Johnnythree

        Oh no, but its not the picnic its the behaviour. The constant, tone deaf media friendly spin and push. Yeah, go for a picnic, why not. But combine it with the care homes, private hospital over-pay, Regina Doherty/ welfare cheats us all, Swingate/ Maria Bailey, kids eating their dinner off a paper plate, people freezing to death in doorways, record numbers of homeless, kids growing up in hotels, the hijacking of the marriage referendum, the health crisis and all the other nonsense that most reasonable people find sick making then by all means go for a picnic. If that was my workload I don’t think I’d be having a picnic during a pandemic, especially if I had been rejected by the electorate.

  5. Orla

    It will be even more tragic when find out who was put into an induced coma for ventilation ,this is an extremely invasive medical procedure thats difficult for anyone to come out of let alone the elderly.
    A nasal cannula was found to be safer in Germany after it was discovered alarming number of covid deaths were from those put into an induced coma.

    By all accounts in America you get more money when a covid patient is put on ventilation via an induced coma than would cost before covid, I’m not sure a financial incentive is the way to go with such a risky procedure.

    1. Johnny

      Dead people don’t pay medical bills,yanks aren’t using ventilators,they like Hotel California you can check in but you can’t check out-mortality rates on ventilators between 85-95%.

      But you guys ordered another 900 at what 50 grand each?

  6. SOQ

    A lot of talk of what was done wrong but what did Japan do right is the real question.

    1. Cian

      “What did Japan do right?”

      Japan, with a population of 125 million have tested a total of 278,642 people. (0.2% of their population)
      Ireland have done 325,795 tests (6.6% of our population).

      Japan have their eyes closed, their fingers in their ears and are shouting “lalalalalalalala”!

      1. f_lawless

        “Japan have their eyes closed, their fingers in their ears and are shouting “lalalalalalalala”!”

        Why would they be doing that when their death rate is so low months in to the pandemic?

        Sounds more like psychological projection on your part, there Cian ;)

        1. Cian

          How do they know their death rate is low if they don’t test anybody?

          In Ireland you.can be included if they suspect you had COVID. In Japan you need to be displaying symptoms for 4 days before they will test you.

          In the UK they only included hospital deaths for a long time – is Japan the same?

      2. SOQ

        No noticeable increase in nursing home deaths Cian- we both know that at this stage, overall fatalities is the only hard data which cannot be challenged.

        1. Cian

          Have you access to the Japanese figures? (or, for that case, the Irish figures? – we are relying on rip.ie as a proxy).

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