“Keep It Up For A Few More Days”


Sure why not?

This afternoon.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.


Speaking at this morning’s Government briefing on the Covid-19 emergency, Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Taoiseach Liz Canavan appealed to the public to “keep it up for a few more days“.

She said the recent good weather was an “understandable opportunity” for people to get out and about, but while there were a number of “small incidents”, she said gardaí have reported that there was good compliance to social distancing guidelines.

….Concerns have been raised about social distancing following a rally in Dublin yesterday in which thousands of people marched from the GPO on O’Connell Street to the US Embassy in Ballsbridge in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

Public urged to stay the course ahead of Phase 2 decision (RTÉ)


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6 thoughts on ““Keep It Up For A Few More Days”

  1. bisted

    …no harm to Liz but people observe an astounding level of solidarity despite her appeals…we will triumph over this plague but it will be because of people power…

  2. f_lawless

    I must be living in an alternate reality. Every day over the last few weeks while out and about in my Dublin neighbourhood, I’ve seen increasing numbers of people who seem to have given up on sticking to social distancing guidelines – particularly young people. And rarely a guard to be seen. Those I’ve spoke to on the phone have told me a similar story.

    But according to the article: ‘while there were a number of “small incidents”, she said gardaí have reported that there was good compliance to social distancing guidelines.’

    I can’t help feeling like it’s an attempt to keep the shaky narrative on track and reassert credibility rather than give an honest account.

    ie. “The reason there hasn’t been a spike is because you’ve been doing so well at observing government guidelines.”

    1. bisted

      …you see flawless…you and your fellow travellers on here who have fought a relentless campaign on promoting your tireless agenda of misimformation and anti-vaxxing have failed…despite gaining a platform…

    2. JEH

      The wheels came over a few weeks back when the Times and all the major press ran the story about the government data suggesting the peak had passed in early April.

      I haven’t seen the guards doing much lately about it either but maybe they don’t buy into it anymore either. A pub in Ranelagh was slinging scoops at the weekend and there were gatherings in its laneway going for repeat rounds. It was all out in the open and sign-posted that pints were going. At least one guard went right by it without stopping or acknowledging it. I’m not calling out the pub or anyone out in the laneway, I’m just saying that the official message and the reality appear to discordant especially if there is no enforcement. But then again, enforcement has always been one of Dublin’s shortcomings.

  3. Dr.Fart

    just as i go back into retirement having the worst of the situation gone. i’ll be back in in two weeks, there is no doubt. the young simply do not care. if you think they’re isolating after this, have a look down at the canal around portobello and tell me if you think any of the few hundred there look like they’d do the same. huge crossover of demographic. between the canal and the march, there will absolutely without doubt be a spike. beyond wishful thinking to believe anything else.

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