He Ain’t Heavy


From left: Catherine Martin, Vincent Martin and Eamon Ryan at Leinster House in 2018

Vincent P Martin.

Green Party Kildare County Councillor, unsuccessful General Election 2020 candidate and brother of Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin.

Among the incoming Taoiseach’s list of  11 Seanad nominees, which also include Mary Fitzpatrick, Lorraine Clifford Lee, Erin McGreehan, Timmy Dooley, Regina Doherty, Aisling Dolan, Emer Currie, Mary Seery Kearney, Róisín Garvey and Eileen Flynn.

Good times.

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8 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy

  1. Joe cool

    So, basically nearly everyone who lost a cushy number gets rewarded with another cushy number

  2. lenny

    The big question now is the tons of ppe that is bound to be making our global footprint beyond acceptable

    Will our green tinged cabinet take this into account as we face billions in fines over not meeting our targets

    Maybe its time a tax was put on those using flights in and out of pure country and bearing in mind those travelling by air and sea were the major culprits that delivered covid 19 to our shores

    Also for the future airlines must be targeted regarding carbon emissions
    Will the greens be doing this
    Will they also ensure plastic is no longer used to cover cucumbers green beans portions of raw vegetables aubergines poppers and other food items that you end up having to dispose in your garbage?

    Half our raw food supplieshave so much excess unwarented plastic when we receive it from the vex man

    Carrots from Israel
    Peppers from Holland
    Onions from Chile
    Garlic from china
    Green beans from Egypt
    Asia from Holland
    Coriander from Holland
    Tomatoes full of water from Holland

    The list is endless

    And we are a agriculture country that can gown these products

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