Reach Out And Touch Faith


From top: Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher with Martin Gore unidentified friend in unnamed Dublin pub, NME, 1983; An unsuccessful location check with photographer Adrian Boot; Jack Charlton recalled on RTÉ News with stained glass ‘JC’ window in background

DublinbyPub writes:

We recently published a post, about our efforts to try and identify the Dublin pub in a 1983 picture of Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode in NME (by Adrian Boot).

We eventually solved the issue, with a good pinch of serendipity after one of the features of the pub popped up in a news report on Jack Charlton’s passing. I thought your readers might enjoy…(at link below)

Jack Charlton, Depeche Mode And Hill 16 (DublinbyPub)

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7 thoughts on “Reach Out And Touch Faith

  1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    Excellent :)

    Probably inspired to write Barrel of a Gun in there

  2. Otis Blue

    I’m just imagining what a Depeche Mode remix of Put ‘Em Under Pressure would sound like.

    The article is a great read and top sleuthing.

  3. Cranky Cooke

    Obviously no one here plays “Spot the Difference” … It’s not the same window… the four motifs in the corners in the pub are Yellow Leaves, in the one with Jack are black designs, also the four blue inserts are diffent colours, sizes and shapes. There are more, but… ’nuff said.

    1. Papi

      It even looks like its from a different studio, Jacks is far more modern and the older one is a stained glass unit with reinforcement and Jacks is technically a leaded light except for the boss panel.
      (I used to make these kind of things, i just didn’t want to spoil the fun)

    2. Graeme

      Obviously no one here reads the actual article.. It’s explained in the linked article. The actual window in the original photo is now above the bar in Brannigan’s. The Jack Charlton one is a newer one made by the Hill 16 owners to present to Jack.

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