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From top: Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher with Martin Gore unidentified friend in unnamed Dublin pub, NME, 1983; An unsuccessful location check with photographer Adrian Boot; Jack Charlton recalled on RTÉ News with stained glass ‘JC’ window in background

DublinbyPub writes:

We recently published a post, about our efforts to try and identify the Dublin pub in a 1983 picture of Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode in NME (by Adrian Boot).

We eventually solved the issue, with a good pinch of serendipity after one of the features of the pub popped up in a news report on Jack Charlton’s passing. I thought your readers might enjoy…(at link below)

Jack Charlton, Depeche Mode And Hill 16 (DublinbyPub)

Just can’t enough, in fact.


Lancaster Quay, Mardyke, Cork.

Random Cork Stuff tweetz:

Hopped into Cafe Depeche in Cork yesterday for the first time for a coffee and yes, Depeche Mode were playing on the stereo. Nice coffee btw…

Gahan outta that.

The Depeche Mode Connection (Cafe Depeche)