Spoilt For Choice


Taoiseach Micheál Martin arriving for last night’s cabinet meeting at Dublin Castle

This morning/last night.

The Government has agreed that the following countries be included as ‘Normal Precautions on the Department of Foreign Affairs Travel Advice’: Malta, Finland, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Greece, Greenland, Gibraltar, Monaco, and San Marino.

Via Merrion Street:

Anyone arriving into Ireland from these countries will not have to restrict their movements. Passengers from any other country outside of those with a Normal Precautions advisory are asked to restrict their movements for 14 days.

The list will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis, based on advice from officials including public health experts.

There is no change to the current policy in respect of travel from Northern Ireland.

The Government will continue with plans to strengthen the existing measures for monitoring passengers who arrive into Ireland, including the introduction of an Electronic Passenger Locator Form, enhanced follow-up procedures, a call centre operated by the DAA, and a proposed testing regime for symptomatic passengers at airports and ports.

Processes to restrict flight or passenger travel in certain circumstances will also be explored.

In conjunction with these preventative measures, there will be a renewed communications campaign across all platforms to ensure maximum public awareness of the latest advice.

The Pandemic is not over and the public health advice remains the same. The safest thing to do is not to travel.’

Statement on Government Travel Advice (Merrion Street)

Government adds 15 countries to ‘green list’ for travel (RTÉ)



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24 thoughts on “Spoilt For Choice

  1. Anne

    The “advice” is fuppin wonderful but I’ve lost out on thousands with a holiday booked for 4 people from January.
    Ryanair won’t oblidge & change flights free of charge (and the change fees are more expensive than booking new flights) nor will they give me a refund or voucher as the flight is taking off.

    Ryanair waived change fees for new bookings from June 10th, to attract more business. They already have my money & are giving me the 2 fingers & every other customer who booked pre-covid.

    Our civic duty so entails subsidising the likes of Ryanair who are worth billions & losing out on thousands from holidays booked from earlier in the year & while we’re at it come up with more money for a “staycation”. Ara why not shur, I’m just rolling in dough.

    This “advice” is fuppin sickening to be honest. It’s as bad as that other pleb who told us “now is not the time for dickying up the house” when the hardware shops reopened. Fupp off. Like most advice, I’ll take it or leave it. More likely leave it.

    My civic duty is being pushed to the limit having to support Ryanair & being given the 2 fingers by them. The advice means nothing without proper regulation.

      1. Anne

        Under the duvet.. having a peek on here now & then. :-)

        Still the same madness around here yeah?

  2. Otis Blue

    If you travel from a ‘third country’ via one of these countries, are you required to quarantine?

    1. Anne

      You’re right Charger. I shouldn’t be slut shamed into not taking a holiday I paid for. Lots of gowls all over the place though saying it’s the least you can do to “staycation” & hand over your hard earned money to the likes of Michael O’Leary, for nothing.. forego your holiday you paid for, no refund, no voucher for another time..nothing. O’Leary has your money already so doesn’t give a poo. Ryanair are allowing free changes for flights booked from June 10th ..precovid bookings, where people didn’t know this was all coming, they’re basically taking your money & telling you to get stuffed.

      I can see why people would just say fupp it, I’m going. Stick the “advice”. It’s a personal decision like. I’d completely understand anyone who goes on their holiday, given this farce.

      Thanks for the article, I’ll have a read there.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Where are you booked for if you don’t mind me asking ?
        Most of Europe has been open to tourists for weeks and apart from the occasional localised spikes in places like Spain there hasn’t any noticeable increase in infections.
        I’ll be giving my budgie-smugglers an outing in the Med next month without any worries.

        1. Anne

          Portugal. Haha I’m sure you’ll look fab in your budgie smugglers. No you’re absolutely right.. it’s a personal decision & you shouldn’t worry if you want to go. I’m just sick of the advice from gov & people trying to do the right & being made fund the profits of the likes of Ryanair.

          Lots of people wouldn’t be Independent enough to make up their own mind.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Weather nice enough to eat outside.
            Likewise the bars.
            You’ll be masked up on the flight and in shops and enclosed spaces – not that it makes a jot of difference – but apart from that there’s as much risk of catching C-19 there as there is in Ireland which is basically tiny.

      2. Tom Wong


        Why don’t you just go and feck the begrudgers Anne?
        Sorry if you already said that I am too lazy to scroll back up

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “The list will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis, based on advice from officials including public health experts.”

    So, book your holiday this week for travel two weeks from now, for a 2-week holiday

    Next week the lads look and re-jiggle the list and your destination comes into the 14-day isolation period upon return.

    In good faith you’ve booked with the ‘green’ list only to find that you do, indeed, have to isolate upon your return.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Ireland is voting with its feet.
    Apparently 50,000 people are leaving the state every week.
    Who knows how many more are going out via Belfast.
    The BOGOF brothers of Mehole and the Maharajah of Misery are clueless.

  5. Stephen

    “Passengers from any other country outside of those with a Normal Precautions advisory are **asked** to restrict their movements for 14 days.”

    So if you’re not from a green list country you can still enter Ireland and ignore the 14 day quarantine advice with no legal repercussions?

    1. Tom Wong

      What legal “repercussions” would you like? Flogging? 12 lashes with a metal ruler? Please elaborate.

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